Monday, January 9, 2012

Dreams Lie and Water Wins.......This Time

     Apparently my dreams lie. They completely lead me on. I'm not amphebien after all. Which is as huge let down, but not as huge as the fact that I just realized I can't swim very well. I think I may need lessons, but I can't help but wonder: Would I be the only 27 year old learning to swim properly with a bunch of toddlers?
     Training for this half marathon is really kicking my butt.....actually my knees; my butt is fine and still as round as ever. In order to keep my decrepit joints in working condition, I spend the evenings loaded down with ice packs, heating pads, icy hot, Alieve......looking like I've been beat up in a gang bang..........and cross-training with low impact cardio activity 6 days a week. Last week I "ran" on the Precor for 35 minutes, followed by 25 minutes of running on the treadmill (my lungs and heart felt like I could have continued for way longer, but unfortunately my knees were screaming otherwise), and on the other days I "ran" on the spin bike and "ran" in the pool. 
     All of this "running" stuff is find and dandy, but I'm always envious of the swimmers in the pool next to me (and how amazing their bodies look), so I decided to buy a pair of goggles, ditch the tennis shoes, and get a different kind of work-out underway. After all, my dad used to be on the swim team, it must run in the family, right? I hopped into a lane wearing my sexy-black-one-peice-mom-bathing-suit, got a feel for the water, slid my bug-eyed goggles into place, took a glance at the swimmers next to me.........and went for it. About 3 seconds and two arm strokes later, my heart rate was about 200 and I was gasping for air. I tried this a few times, but eventually grew tired of sinking and drowning in 4 foot water. As if wearing that gid-up isn't embarrassing enough! 
     So it's becoming clear that when put in a sink or swim situation, I can float (using my buns as my floaties)......but swimming like a pro definitely isn't my thing (as of yet). I'm not one to be conquered. I'm going to figure this out one way or another. Until then, I've got the amphibeans beat, becuase they don't get to witness scenes like this........ever! 
I snapped this shot as Patrick's Parents house this weekend. Isn't it beautiful?

Do you ever swim for a workout? What secret ingredient am I missing?

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