Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yin Yang Morning

     With my delivery position at work, I have the oppurtunity to leave 30 minutes earlier than normal, which has opened a door for me to witness some pretty amazing sunrises at this time of year. It's baffling how fast they change. Even at those moments when it seems like time is standing still, or your world is going no where, all you have to do is look up. The sky is constantly revolving, and behind it, somewhere in the unknown is He who paints these majestic creations to remind us that life is beautiful, no matter how difficult it may feel in the instant.
     On my way home, I sat at a traffic light, gawking at the sky, and cursing myself at the same time for not having a camera {or even enough battery on my phone} to capture what I saw at that moment. Two different personalities presented themselves before me. Carefree fluffly clouds as white as fresh luxury hotel linen floated on one side, opposed by intangibly grim dark grey clouds with fingers splayed and reaching, separated only by a full moon, lingering way past it's bedtime, nesting in a vividly saturated blue sky, it's existance threatened by the growing orange glow of the rising sun. It was the sky's version of yin yang, opposites coexisiting. Each making the other more real.  
     It was fabulous, and I have nothing but the use of my limited vocubulary to share it's glory with you. Of course it faded too fast, as does all those precious moments in life, but I did manage to freeze this second in time. Aren't the layers so cool?

What's your favorite part about morning, if you have one???

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