Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're Nice People Too....

     "We're nice here in Plano." That's what the guy said, atleast. The one that took our picture while we were celebrating Patrick's birthday. I forgot my tripod and we were having an entertaining self portrait session (aka, me trying to balance the camera on a ginormous planter, set the self timer, and run back to Patrick and pose before the 10 seconds were up without tripping) on the brightly festive lit street in the shops, our old place of residence. Funny, we moved, and we still go back. We only migrated a short distance down the road, but we giggled about the volunteered photographer obviously assuming we were tourists. I actually try to see everywhere we live through a tourists eyes. It helps me to remember not to take things for granted. 
     "We're nice people too," Patrick mumbled under his breath as we walked away. We had a delightful dinner at Half Shells, then decided we were too old and tired to do anything else besides go home and cuddle in our cozy living quarters with the puppies at our feet. So that's exactly what we did. 
      The day before, his parents come for a visit, brought him this super cute carnation cupcake, all decked out in Baylor colors, and watched the bears kick some booty in San Antonio, while I headed off to work. 
      I guess we are pretty nice. I did come home from work and made homemade breakfast quesidillas, salsa, and chips, to feed Patricks parents before their trip back to home, and brought some to Patrick's work as a surprise to nourish he and his co-worker's while they worked through the busy holiday hustle-bustle. The morning of his birthday I gently woke him up to fresh donuts and kolaches accompanied by an ice cold Dr. Pepper, since he had to spend the morning at the DMV renewing his Driver's License. We all remember what that can be like! And then there was that OTHER time. Ya, I'm pretty much going to say that the DMV can kiss my shiny....white.....teeth.....and that other thing that is shiny and white..........
     I love getting off work in the morning for pretty sunrises. I've always been partial to sunsets, since those are the ones I'm more often awake for, which are beautiful, but there's something really special about blue skies decorated with pink clouds. One thing's for sure about both of them though, they don't last nearly long enough. This is the best I could capture after arriving home and running inside to get my camera; it was so much more saturated during my drive home. 

Which do you prefer: sunset or sunrise? Which city do you think has the nicest people?

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