Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breaking Bad Habbits

     It's not a secret that I battle with 90 year old knees trapped in a 27 year old's body daily. But aside from my arthritis, there's been an intensely sharp pain shooting through my left knee when doing regular activities (like getting out of the car and trying to not look like an geezer) since early summer, so after trying to heal myself unsuccessfully for months, I finally went to the doctor. The guy with the doctrine's degree thinks it's patella tendonitis (agitation and inflammation of the tendon that connects the knee cap to the shin bone). He ordered physical therapy, so hopefully I'll be on the road to recovery.
     Until then, the training must go on. My friend Cristina and I met for a tasty breakfast at Main Street Bakery where I introduced her to her first taste of Eggs Benedict! Then we walked to Luke's Locker and got fitted for new running shoes. The man that consulted us happens to be the lead trainer to a program for those wanting to run anything from their first 5k to their first marathon, so when I found that out, I asked more questions than he probably bargained for.  I learned that I over pronate, and I run heal to toe, which causes extra impact on my knees! Go figure. He also mentioned I use too much of my upper body when I run, and instead should pretend I have a holster on my waist holding 2 guns, and to keep my hands over my guns. Harder than you think! Oh, and my shoes needed to be a half size bigger. Apparently I can't do anything right! 
     Yes, Flow, I have enormous clod-hoppers. Size 10.5 US to be exact, so stop looking at me like that, would ya? Obviously, I'm still recovering from the worst bruises in the history of mankind.
     Excited to try out my new kicks, I set a new record for myself on Saturday, waking up at 6am to get my long run in! (Anyone who knows me, is aware that waking up that early is already a miracle.) I lengthened my run from 4 miles to 4.5 miles, increased the base speed by 0.2 mph faster than last time, and managed more of the run on an incline of up to 3.5%, all while working on correcting things about my running technique (like trying to land mid-foot, and dropping my arms). I still increased my speed by .1mph every 1/4 lap for the last half mile of the run with left me with a finishing heart rate of 190 bpm, but otherwise, I hovered around 170-180 bpm. Improvement, improvement, improvement!
     Did I mention I did all that without any music?!?!? Yeah, I was on a tight time schedule with Patrick breathing down my neck about some notion of "being on time", and didn't realize the trusty iPod was dead until I got on the treadmill, which left plenty to think about for those 55minutes. I really didn't know I could accomplish something like that without motivational music, and I felt muscles I didn't know I had with my new running technique!
     If there's one thing anyone should know about my husband, it's this: he has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He bought this from some poor fellow ringing our doorbell last week with a bum hand and his kid by his side, going door to door telling a sad story about being laid-off, trying to sell these log candle holders he made to keep his family alive. It also came with a pink and white sucker (I'm guessing for a Valentines Day present??); I actually kinda like it, so I will find a place for it. But just so you know: if you ever need any money, or to solicite yourself/kids/grand kids/neighbors kids/imaginary kids/pets, just come to our house, wait for Patrick to answer, and you'll be golden. But if I answer, you better run.

Who do you know that has the biggest heart? What's your favorite type of music for motivation? Do you try to fix bad habits when you're working out, or just focus on finishing?

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