Wednesday, December 7, 2011


     Patrick and I made a pact. We decided although it's nice to eat at places we know we love, we might be missing out on something else out there. So from now until we cave, we are only eating at places we've never been before. Who knows how long this could go on. . . . . .there are so many local possibilities!
     Last night we tried Cedars Wood Fire Grill. It was okay, but I don't think we discovered we were missing anything. It probably would have been better if our food was actually hot. Nothing like ordering a bowl of chili when it's cold outside, and receiving it luke warm.
     Patrick thought this was ironically funny:
Patrick: Uhhh......That's kinda weird.

Me: What, dear?

Patrick: Eat Well. Live Well. Feel Good

Me: Ya, what's so weird about that? They advertise all fresh ingredients. Makes sense.

Patrick: Why doesn't it say- Eat Well. Live Well. Feel Well.?

Me: Tushay, dear. Tushay. I love you.

     Then we went to Best Buy and purchased Coming to America on Blue Ray with our reward points (because apparently I've been committing some sort of sin I didn't know about by never seeing it), turned on the space heater, snuggled up in bed together (the whole family minus Lucie), and watched exactly 15 minutes of the movie before I started to build my lake of drool on P's shoulder (because despite the fact that is was only 9pm, I couldn't hold my eyes open a second longer. . . . . . way too cozy). Trying new things is hard work!! *Wink Wink*

Do you make an effort to try new places, or do you  feel content staying in your comfort zone?

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