Friday, December 23, 2011

Back to the Grind

     I jumped off my rebel-against-the-gym bandwagon this week. Dove right back in to the grind. I'm not going to lie, the first day I only completed 40 minutes on the Elliptical, and I genuinely thought I may pass out and possibly die of exhaustion. Have you ever been so tired that when you drink water it tastes like milk? Absurd, but real. The next day I completed 1 hour of spin class, heading in with a goal of just finishing, since expectation only leads to utter disappointment. Of course I attend on endurance day, but we jammed our little legs out to upbeat Christmas music and it was super enjoyable. As enjoyable as pushing your body to it's limits can be. I actually felt great at the end of class, but by night fall I had to pop an Aleve, my body was aching so bad. If I said, "Never again", it'd be a lie, but for now, I'm tired of feeling like I look like Santa.
Halt!!! I need to check my list before you can get any closer to me or this tree. 
     It's been a busy span of off days, but I decided to use one of them as a "me" tribute. I relived some tension in the gym, had enough time to take a hobo shower and make it to may hair appointment (Where I addressed the someone-with-cuter-hair-than-me issue and found out apparently you have to be 'pregnant and mean' to get the best cut. At the end of my appointment, he said,"Now she'll be asking me why your hair is cuter then hers!". . . . . .and I agree), followed that up with a deep muscle massage to get some ease from my ever-lasting tortuous tangle of knotted muscle residing behind my scapula's, and made it home just in time for Patrick and I to go to Carrabbas, where we met up with Billy and Nikki, for some majorly good Italian that tastes just as good left over as the very night it was prepared. I could easily pull a Patrick, and make my stomach explode by eating their table sourdough bread with toasted herb and olive oil dip.
     Of course I had loads of errands to run on my last free day off work. I must say, people really come out of the water works around the holidays. It's like every quite their jobs! I know I live in the city, but I felt like I was in New York City! It took me twice as long to do anything, but I had the adrenaline from spin and my chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Bakery, that I was savoring throughout the day, to keep my body motivated. Any food joint that serves a cookie with their meals is alright in my books. 
     I had a major coupon to utilize at Express, on top of them having a winter sale, (and lets face it, that store is way to over priced without being armed with both of those things) so I braved the crowd. I must add, the mall aroma was amazing, fragrant with roasting pretzels, scented candles, and cologne, which actually surprised me. With all those people crammed into one building I expected it to smell a little more like farts. I'm once again reminded that I love not working in the business world. Dress clothes are ridiculously priced. But almost more ridiculous than the price, is the fact that Express hires people who don't know how to properly fold an $80 pair of dress slacks (they're bright red, by the way, and fabulous). Please people, be decent at your job. 
     Patrick and I were suppose to go look at Christmas lights every day this week, but I've been too tired by the time he gets home from work to go anywhere. We've rescheduled our way, directly into my work schedule, so I guess it will have to be postponed until next year. I even fell asleep while we were trying to have a Christmas movie marathon. The worst part, is it was on the first movie!!! He's still a little upset with me about that! 

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