Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stork Tales

     This may come as a shock, but I've got to shoot it to you straight. Storks don't deliver babies anymore. They've moved on to the mailing business where they have desirable hours and better benefits. 
     It's all up to women now, and this is how it makes them feel. I wouldn't know. . . . .from a personal experience anyway. . . . . yet. . . . . . .
     Such a strange thing happened last week. As you know, every now and then I "catch babies" in the Delivery Room. Some people think that term is funny, but really, the doctor practically throws the baby at you. . . . sometimes with metal objects.  . .  . . . . . I really deserve a raise. Here's how my story went down.
     Since I was both the delivery nurse for the NICU and the admission nurse for L&D, I walked down to the second unit to get report from day shift, who is familiar with my face, but probably doesn't even know my name yet. As I walked around the corner to the nurse's station, I was met by the day shift nurse looking at me wild eyed and crazy with a big grin on her face.
     "What?!?" I asked.
     "You just really took me by surprise. . . . . . . I know what you look like and all, but one of the laboring patients looks so much like you, and she has short dark hair. . . . . and I thought. . . . . for a second, it was her walking in the hall. . . . . . . and I almost freaked out! Seriously, she's in room blah-blah-blah. You'll see I'm not crazy." She's pregnant, and everyone goes crazy when they're pregnant.
     Later that night, I went in room blah-blah-blah to catch a beautiful baby boy. I do all my necessary "nurse stuff", and when I walk into the room for the last time to give my approval to send the baby to the newborn floor, the new mother says, "Can I ask you a question? Who does your hair?" This was a funny question (funny-ironic-coincidence not funny-haha), since I really liked her hair and had been wondering who did hers. . . . . . and if your hair can look that good during and after labor, it's a pretty good cut. . . . . . .not to mention that the day nurse had mistaken me for her. . . . .     
     Anyway, the Plano population is something like 275 thousand. And I "caught" the baby of my hair dresser's best friend. Small world. Now the most important part of this, is next week when I go in for my hair appointment, and ask him {my hair dresser} why he cut someone else's hair cuter than mine. . . . . . .

Do you ever run into someone in a random place who knows someone who knows you, and you're both like...OMG...I can't you believe you know that person come we've never met????

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