Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Wal-lah: Country Comfort

     Well, well, well. Weekly Wal-lah, it's been a long time. I must say, it's easy to get side tracked. Writing recipes isn't easy. I'd rather just show someone how to make something.
     Anyway, I made a bone-a-fied country dinner. This one isn't to be printed and saved in your healthy recipes folder. It's comfort food.
First: Yummylicious Green Beans: Cook 1/4 pound of chopped bacon in a skillet. When bacon is crispy, leave enough grease behind to coat the skillet, and spoon out the rest. Then throw together the remaining ingredients in the same skillet with the bacon: 1package of long cut frozen green beens (canned green beans aren't crisp and are loaded with sodium), halved cherry tomatoes, and1 heaping tablespoon of minced garlic. Finish cooking this when pork chops are almost ready. 
Next: Loaded Sweet Potatoes: I know you know how to cook a sweet potato. Wash the outside with tap water, poke a few breathing holes in the skin with a fork, wrap in a paper towel, and place in microwave for 5 minute increments until soft throughout. When the pork chops are ready, cut your sweet potato in half, add butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows to taste, and nuke in microwave until melted.
Don't forget to have your cocktail near by! 
Last: Country Fried Pork Chops: Preheat cooking oil in skillet (there should be enough oil to cover the thickness up the side of the porkchop). Prepare in a bowl flour, seasoned with pepper and seasoned salt to taste (I throw just enough in there, that after you stir it up, you can see the specks). In a separate bowl, add  1 egg, and about 1/2 cup milk. Beat egg into milk. Then season your pork chops with montreal steak seasoning.  
After chops are seasoned, pat one at a time in the flour first, on each side, then in the milk/egg mix, then back in the flour. Place battered chop in the hot grease. Continue this process until all chops are battered in grease-i-fied. 
Cook on each side until golden brown. You only want to turn them once, so don't turn until each side is done. Don't worry when you start to see the blood seeping to the top. It's normal, and vampires only exist on television. . . . . . . . .and books. . . . . . .don't they?
When your Pork Chops are done on each side, remove from grease and place on paper towel. Then it's time to fill up your dinner plate with yummy goodness!!!!

Please disregard the shoe and the tennis ball, as they were not a part of the featured dinner. 

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