Thursday, December 22, 2011

Date Nizzle

The bittersweet House of Blues. Sweet, because the place is not only filled with the most amazing decor, but also it lives and breathes music. Bitter, becuase they wiped the menu slate clean, vanishing my favorite dish, and increased their prices! Those money hungry bastards.  If you remember from my birthday, concert tickets to see Stain'd was my last gift. I love it when your gifts are all strung out, so you always have something to celebrate!!! The tickets have been hanging on our refrigerator for weeks, and I've been itching with anticipation to use them!
We listened to a nice little acoustic duo cover-band while we ate our expensive dinner garnished with a couple glasses of wine, gave our waiter an extremely hard time about his greedy corporate boss', and headed down to the show. To be exact, we head "up" to the show, because for the first time ever, we thought we'd check out the balcony, knowing that downstairs would be packed (judging by the increasingly growing length of the line outside the venue). We told the guard we were just going in to find a friend, but then we stayed for the long haul, me taking my chances by sitting in a upper deck seat and pulling it off the entire concert. It more fun to live on the edge. . . .
I thought this mural comic was super cool, and coaxed Patrick into grabbing that cartoon lady's boobs. I love the stares this picture captured!! Those guys are obviously dumbfounded, since they don't have a woman that takes pictures of her man grabbing some other woman's "chesticles".  (I think that's a comical word. . . . .to be used while talking about a comic . . . .)
Man Made Machine was the first band to play. The lead singer literally said the "F" word about 5 times a sentence between songs. We laughed about this, and I actually started to wonder, "What really makes a bad word bad?" We discussed this with no conclusion until the next band started to play. These brothers with Aranda, had the best time playing with eachother. And by that I mean, getting down on one's knees (get your mind out of the gutter) and holding up the guitar for the other to play. . . . . and one holding the guitar while the other gave him the reach around to play it from behind. A very close relationship those boys have. 
When Stain'd came on, they rocked it out with their old school, and killed it softly with the slower hits. The sound was perfect from the balcony level; my phone was vibrating, and not because someone was calling me. Aaron Lewis, the lead, can keep remarkable poise and composer during is hardcore grunge singing. As loud and angry as that man can sing, when we talks on the microphone, he transmits nothing but the calm cool and collective image he sustains while singing every song. The audience listened in perfect silence when he sang a couple of acoustic songs, except during his new of version of "A Country Boy Can Survive", which got a lot of Texan support!
Since on the subject, it seems like an appropriate time to debut my new page! It's called Music to my Ears. Check it out! You can just click on this link, or find it in the menu on the top of the home page. 
I love small venues and date nights are always so fun!  

What's your favorite concert you've ever been to? 

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