Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fit for a Drama-Free Queen: Move Part 2

This is so funny. Some of the reactions are classic; actual grieving over candy. The two little boys at the very end are my favorite!

*** It ONLY took me an entire week, 4 un-returned calls, 3 un-returned texts, and one very angry voice-message to contact the landlord's Realtor to get everything in line for this move-in. I could barely schedule the electricity turn-on for the day of move-in. Here's how it went down:***
Those stools were my birthday present to myself. I love them. 

I stalked this mirror until it went on sale for 50% off. I've been wanting one this style for a LONG time!
Wednesday aka My Birthday: Present #1-I got to start the day waking up to my husband delivering Dunkin Donuts and coffee. It felt great. Present #2- a ridiculously sweet card that will hang on our refrigerator (that doesn't have an ice maker or a water filter/dispenser) for a long time. Present #3- Concert tickets to "How the Edge Stole Christmas"!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Present #4- Concert tickets to HOB to see Stain'd! Do you have any idea how much I love concerts? 
Ever see the episode of "Friends"; you're my Pinguin! The bottom left picture is Patricks "Be calm, Stay friendly" reminder. He invented it one night in Hollywood and I always keep it around. It works. The bottom right is me grabbing Patrick's butt at a family BBQ. And the card on the right I got Patrick as a suprise, "I love it when you spoon me. I love it when you fork me." Love it. 

     Man, this was starting out to be a fantastic day. . . . . . . . . .then I looked around and remembered we still had to move. I took the puppies out on one last walk to the dog park and got started with the rest of the packing.
     Since the landlord was no help at all with gas companies I could call, and I had no idea where anything was, resulting in my phone being dead, it was thrilling that Patrick's phone had just enough juice for me to spend an hour calling 4 different companies, navigating through 4 different automated system directories, and waiting on hold 4 different times to finally find a company that would service Gas to our new rent-house. The earliest they could come? Thursday! I try to be content with the small accomplishments in life. Believe me, tomorrow things get hairy.
Every room as tall ceilings and cute little nooks to put decor. Fancy!!

     Thank goodness for facebook to remind us of everyone's birthday's! Though moving always sucks, the weather couldn't have been nicer and neither could the comments everyone left me throughout the day!   Here are a few of my favorites ("Cat" is my husband's nick-name. Brendan is my English pin-pal. Tina knows me far too well; we used to live together. Jessica and I have called each other "cow" since we were fish in high school. Although my mother tends to talk loudly, she always writes emails and texts in all CAPS, she doesn't mean to yell at everyone. Vickie is referring to my birthday eve pig-out!):
I've always loved my green velvet chair! That lamp is so vintage it gave vintage it's name. My grandfather bought it at an antique shop before I was even born. The in-table I found at an antique shop and distressed the wood details to make them "pop".

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day. Make sure Cat treated you like a queen today.
Happy B'day my favourite little Texan. I will send my bird soon, I promise. :-) X
Its the finale of your birthday week! Hope it was fun! I'm sure Patrick spoiled you :)
Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Hope your dreams and goals are fulfilled in the year ahead! I miss you!!!
Haaaaaaaappppppyyyyyyyy Birthday! Hope it's great cowface! :))
KAYLAAAAAA..........happy happy birthday...happy happy birthday...happy happy...happy happy...happy happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! love you hope your day is AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!
happy happy birthday!!! Hope your day is amazing and you get everything you want:)
Wishing one very awesome, talented and beautiful lady a very special and awesome Happy Birthday!!! Hoping you have one incredible day today Kayla!!
Vickie Carruth My gosh what is all that-- looks like enough for 10 people. Wishing you a happy happy birthday tomorrow- see you this weekend-- love to my sweet daughter-in- law.
I made that birch arrangement. We got that "C" for a wedding gift. The turquoise thingy is something I found at a garage sale for $3 in Little Rock, AK and I cleaned and painted it to look cool!

     And for the record, I did get everything I wanted, my husband always treats my like only the royal-est of queens, and you all are amazing for thinking so highly of just a 'lil 'ol country gal like me.
     My Memma (my Mom's mom) made me this amazingly cute cookbook/keepsake with pictures of me and the family while growing up with captions, and all of her famous recipes handwritten in it. I love it and will cherish it forever. I'm already melting my new Scentsy bars, breaking in the headbands my mom had made for me, and can't wait to start wearing the apron her best friend sewed and designed with me in mind! So many exciting things!
I got that Sun on my very fist trip to Mexico with my parents. My bed is a hand-me-down I've had for years, and it is the same bed they use on "Everybody Loves Raymond". The lamp is the shake I made in this post. I accidently broke my Tiffany's Lamp Shade while moving this week. The old shutters I bought to make into a necklace holder. 
I made this earring holder with an old mesh crate tray and spiral wire from Hobby Lobby. 

     P.S. All of these pictures are definately from AFTER this day, but since we were talking about "pretty things", like my birthday, I thought I'd post my pretty decor pictures of how the house looks now!
I made that arragement, the white chair is from my Nana, and the table is actually a really old sewing machine (it works, I use it) from Troy home-ec class. My great Aunt Joan gave it to me years ago when they got rid of them all. 
My latest Pinterest project. Used two shower curtains instead of one, to open them like curtains to show light, windows, and decor! My Memma gave me those antique looking candle holders for my birthday about a decade ago!

What was your favorite birthday present ever? Do you look forward to birthdays or dread them?

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