Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Be Square, Be Aware!

Poor Sumo Wrestler......had to wear the satellite collar!
     I haven't taken anything to the cleaners in about 2 years, but this week I decided to take a few of our frequently used blankets, throws, and curtains to the dry cleaners for spiffing-up. I already had to work, clean the new house from top to bottom, move, and clean the old apartment all in the time frame of 1.5 weeks. . . . . . . besides, I didn't want to take a chance at ruining any of the plush textures or shrinking the length of my white panels. After leaving, I remember why I never take anything there: they took my checking account to the cleaners!!! My belongings wont be ready for an entire week, and I'm struggling with the reality that I may have been able to buy brand new stuff for the price I forked over to a facility that made me sign a damage waiver to my belongings! Rubbish and poppy-seeds.
     Since I was already breaking mold, I rationalized my extremely exhausting schedule permitted me to drop Callie and Sumo off at the groomer instead of holding the family down in the bathroom the old fashioned way. Sumo had an astonishing amount of knots and matts in his neck fur and I couldn't fathom undertaking the task of trying to clip them all out myself. I was super embarrassed to even admit to the groomers I let it get to that point. Petsmart had them about about 5 hours, and it turns out I only had to work 5 hours just to pay the groomers. . . . . . . so maybe it all evens out in the end?

Exhausted and having sweet dreams after a big day! By the way, I distressed the wood on that chair to show off the carving details!!! 

     Also, I thought you may like to know. :

1    in 8 babies is born prematurely each year in Dallas County

Every year, more than 13 million babies worldwide are born too soon

If you'd like to help, click here.

Wear PURPLE on November 17 to
World Prematurity Awareness Day
     I don't know how wearing purple is going to fight prematurity, but a little awareness never hurt anyone! I recently posted this article on Facebook about an ongoing and common issue in the child-bearing world. Anyone who is having a baby or knows someone having a baby should really take it to heart. Obviously, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, and that's why we have Neonatal Intensive Care teams to help improve the quantity and quality of life for the tiniest of lives. But under normal circumstances, friends don't let friends drive dunk, voluntarily deliver their baby early for selfish reasons (well don't drive drunk either, but my point was to emphasize how serious this matter is)! As a NICU nurse, I feel it's my duty to educate anyone and everyone about the topic.
     I watched an episode of The Doctors the other day discussing the topic of "Which is worse: Vaginal Delivery or C-Section". It almost blew me away that NONE of the information they discussed ever mentioned risks for the babies. It was all about the mothers. I caught a baby the other day to a mother who didn't quite realize the shift of importance until after delivery. As she was holding the precious little miracle for the first time, she looked up to her husband and said, "I feel so petty for worrying about what was going to happen to me during delivery. I realize now, all that matters is that my baby is well and healthy." Good words new mommy, good words. 

Do you pay to have any special services done, or would you rather just put the labor in yourself (get it? "labor")? Do you know a nurse? Give her/him a big hug; they work hard!

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