Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Drilling Good Time!

I generally think of myself as a pretty strong independent woman, but when I try to balance a screw on Patrick's 20lb power drill while holding a gadget centered in place, all my strength is absorbed and I can't get anything else accomplished. There's some stuff I've been dying to get done, so I took advantage of the hubby's man strength Saturday, and put him to work!
The above hangers and hooks caught my eye at Hobby Lobby when they went on sale for 50% off. After I found them, I knew just what to do! . . . . . . .
Above, is one of the two antique porch posts that we found almost 2 years ago in Belton, for $20 each. I knew I'd do something brilliant with them, but at them time I didn't know what. I coated them with polyurethane, and tried using them in multiple places until now. Now, they've found their bliss. 
Vintage Hanger Hooks + Antique Posts = Fabulous Coat/Purse/Key Rack!
I got these pots with my 40% coupons, and had Patrick hold the posts level while I filled the surrounding space with 15-20lbs of river rocks in each pot for support. Here's the finished product!!!!
Everyone's seen my super retro velvet green chair! I love it, but I've been thinking those boring wooden knobs could really use some spiffing up. The tassels are just perfect the way they are. 
Obviously, this called for some drilling, and a man's strength to help!!! I put the hubby to work once again, and replaced the old wooden knobs with some beautiful cream and blue detailed knobs I found at Hobby Lobby in the clearance bin for $1.50!! What a steal!
Check out the new and improved finished product!!!  Ta-Da! I am more than pleased; all thanks to my wonderful husband that does all the things I ask him to do!
In other notes, my cousin Allison has been staying with us for the last few days. We've been having a great time running around . . . . getting things done . . . . . cooking . . . . . wasting time with dirty fun-having . . . . . .
Today I'll be slaving away in the kitchen for the Thanksgiving Day feast! 

So what do you think about the hubby's work???? Pretty good egh? What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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