Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shout, Shout, Let it all Out!

     Dang, now I have that song in my head. "Come on. . . . I'm talking to you! Come on. . . . . "

     I consider myself pretty lucky in life. I found the husband of my dreams who thinks I'm awesome for some reason, I have a supportive family, I don't wonder where my next meal is coming from and my butt could attest that maybe I have too many meals available, I don't have to hitch-hike to work. I. . I. . I. . . . . I just can't seem to win anything. I once won an umbrella for a drawing at work a couple of years ago. It had the name of the hospital written all over it. Great, how stylish.
     Even though Heather refuses to take my sneaky advice and cheat by picking me to win one of her giveaways I keep trying to score, she did bless me with the Versatile Blogger award again. Thanks Mrs. Just A Colorado Gal! (That just covered Rule Numero Uno of the awardee thanking the awarder.)
     Rule Numero Dos is to share 7 random facts about myself, as if I don't talk about myself enough:

Uno: I can fall asleep in less than 20seconds, and keep it up for about 20 hours of the day. It's a talent that can't be learned. . . . . or a disorder. . . .I'm not really sure. But I just like to call it my beauty rest!

Dos: My mom taught me how to play "I dropped my Dolly in the dirt, I asked my Dolly if it hurt, and all my Dolly said to me was Waaa Waaa, Waaa Waaa Waaa," on my toy upright piano when I was tiny. After that I took piano lessons for about 8 years. Music is sexy.

Tres: One time my teeth had extreme increased sensitivity, and the Dentist pointed out one of my arms was stronger than the other. She called it a "tooth discrepancy", made be chew on carbon paper, and grinded one of my teeth down. Miraculously, my sensitivity was gone, and my arms strength was immediately normal again! I wish I was making that up.

Cuatro: I have a freckle on the sole of my foot, and 2 completely random red freckles. They've always freaked me out!

Cinco: My husband thinks I'd leave him for Matt Damon, but that's not true. I'd only consider it for Leonardo DiCaprio. . . . . . . Just kidding Hunny!

Seis: I completely stopped drinking soda 11 years ago. I traded it in for ice water and a warm chocolate chip cookie. Good trade. Now I only drink about 1 soda a month, but I make up for it with all the caffeine free tea sweetened with Splenda, that I can get!

Siete: I have tiny ears. . . . .they must have stopped growing when I was five. I have to wear HEADphones, since they don't make a single pair of EARphones that actually stay in my ears. You may think that's nerdy, but I think yo mama's a nerd!

     It seems as though I use exclamation points a lot. That's because I'm loud, and I don't know how else to express that other than screaming at you in all capital letters like my mother does in all her texts and emails. It may also seem that I am bilangual. But I'm not, I just know a lot of MexicansBonus fact #1: I can count to seven in Spanish with out the help of Google!!!!

     Rule Numero Tres is to list 15 blogs I think you should read. FIFTEEN? REALLY? As I mentioned in my last award post, that's too many. I'm pretty selfish, and prefer you just read my blog only**. So I'll list how many I feel like listing, capeesh??? o0o0o0o, now I'm speaking Italian....are you confused yet? . ? . ? . Here's what I've picked up on in my spare time:

In All Claireness Claire is a chick I know that has a knack for recreating things.

The Bloggess You may have heard of her. She's a big-time hilarious blogger with a better sense of humor than me. . . . . .I could only dream to be a crude and clever as she.

The Letter 4 I saw these four sisters on the Martha Steward show!!  It's cute; they tag team the blog with all their combined talents. (They made a big deal about how they wanted to be on her show, and the casting crew noticed them. Why didn't you notice my shout out Martha?!?!?! )

     P.S. Bonus fact #2: I'm a clutz. I shattered my coffee pot today. . . . . . . I did drop a couple of hints to the husband that I wanted a small Kureg for Christmas, but my intentions weren't actually to drop the coffee pot in efforts to force him to buy me an overpriced and oversized piece of mainstream equipement I don't neccassiraly need for our kitchen . . . . . . . . or were they?  Now how am I going to get my motivational work juice fix for the next 17 days? . . . . . I guess I'll just have to keep a small local coffee shop in business. . . . . I think they're called Starbucks!
Yup. There it is, in all it's glory. 
**Speaking of selfish, I recently found out my Brother went on a date with a girl named Kayla. ------>That's my name.<----- Not only do I think that's wierd, but I believe I should be the only person in the family to possess that name. Now look what I've done, I turned one date into a marriage. . . . no wonder he doesn't ever tell me about the girls he goes out with!!

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