Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Having the Cake. Eating the Cake. That's How I Roll!

**One Week Ago**

We are always running ourselves ragged when we make a trip to the home-town. Too much to do, too much to see. This day was particularly tiring since I worked the night before and was running off of exactly no sleep in 26 hours. I finally crashed, while sweet Sumo kept me company. We celebrated an extra early Christmas with Patrick's family and then I went back to sleep. Again. And that's my weak explanation for why I have exactly zero pictures of Christmas with Patrick's side of our lovely family. But Patrick did manage to catch this moment in digital image history.  
The next day we celebrated an early Christmas at Nana's house. She got a new tree for the first time since I was a wee little girl. Last year, her broke one had to be tied to the wall so it would stand upright! My mom sewed her little tree ornaments in the form of Ginger Men and tied them to every present instead of using a bow. 
We had beer and steaks, which meshed just right for such a fine occasion. Those faces explain it all!!!
Remember how I broke my carafe as an unconscious request for a Keurig? Well then I pulled a classic me, by confusing Patrick, and requested only a cheap little Mr. Coffee, as a trade, so he could surprise me with a spin bike I wanted.  After much resistance, he gave in, and I unwrapped my Mr. Coffee on Saturday. On Sunday, my Aunt Sissy gave me a Keurig! I was so thrilled, but soon learned of poor Patrick's anguish. "That's the face I wanted you to make when I got you the Keurig, but you told me not to get you one. I got you exactly what you asked for, and now you're just going to return it!!!" he said. Sorry dear. The depths of a woman's rationalizations and reasoning's, especially mine, have many complex layers that you may never quite be able to fathom. And approached with the opportunity to have my cake and eat it to, I need my man to be understanding. I know you will be, and that's why I love you. 
I, of course, returned both items, and exchanged them for the super duper Keurig with all the features, because if your gonna have your cake and eat it too, it might as well be the best cake available. Don't judge me. 
My dad got some new head gear, which includes ear coverings and a light on the bill. Just up his alley; the man is always in need of something to cover up that Mr. Clean head of his!
Poor Cousin Ally had to work, so it was just me and the boys for the majority of the day! Everyone took a turn taking a nap, except Patrick, a tale tell sign, that he's not genetically family. 
Don't be fooled by all the smiles. There was plenty of holiday arguing to keep things on an even keel. 
My Nana made me a clove'd orange. Kickin' it old school! I wish I could post a scratch and sniff of how beautiful it smells. In the background, gracing our frig, you can see the precious pieces of art our niece Emily made for us. I love them both!
Now please excuse me while I go have some more of my cake.....*ah hem*.....I mean, coffee!
Tune in tomorrow, when I discuss a different kind of "cake".

When was the last time you "had your cake and ate it too"? What was "it"?!?!?

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