Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Better Together

     Back when I was a travel nurse, Patrick and I got to see each other every single evening. We slept in the same bed 365 nights of the year. He dropped me off and picked me up from work 3 days a week, and we had the other 4 entire days open to living and breathing life's little moments side by side. The lazy ones, the sloppy ones, the festive ones, and all the ones in between. To some people, that may sound obnoxious, but to us, it was perfect. I know we miss California for countless reasons, but some part of me thinks aside from missing the perfect weather, beautiful scenery, smell of the ocean, unique people, and having every outdoor activity we love at our finger tips........a huge reason why we yearn for that place is because we miss having that perfect, uninterrupted, selfish, priceless time with each other. 
     Now days, we work completely opposite schedules. I work nights, he works days. I work some weekends, he only works Monday-Friday. If he goes to the gym, I don't even see him before I leave for work, and I can never seem to get home from my job in time to say good morning before he has to leave. We are happy in life, but miss each other's presence. A lot. 
     When I start to feel crappy about this, I look at the people around me and realize that compared to many, we still get to see each other often. I remind myself that, for now, we have each other all to ourselves without having to share. And I remember that above all, we enjoy the time we do have to the fullest, which is most important. 
     Saturday morning, we hit the snooze button to the alarm 5 times to stay cozy under the covers for a few more moments of borrowed time before rolling out of bed to hit the gym. I love being able to accompany my hunny in his fitness journey. We cheer each other on with a kiss right before we start, and have someone to brag to and compare sweat rings with when we're done.  I ran 5.25 miles on the treadmill set for rolling foothills and bumped up my speed again to the fabulously tortuous-like pace of an 11 minute mile. I felt like I had wings for the first 15 minutes. On a joy run {if there is such a thing}, not even shedding a pearl of sweat. But at mile 2, an elephant jumped on my back for a piggy ride, and I fought self doubt the rest of the journey. I did it, though. 
     I'll tell you something else I did if you promise not to judge. You pinky swear?.....I'll take that as a yes. 

Jess is from Indiana, but thinks she going to get frost bitten if the temperature falls below 70 degrees. She cracks me up. 

     After Patrick and I went to our hair appointment together, both got our head's did, and ate at a new place we've never been to (a Hawaiian BBQ joint that had the shortest people I've ever met working behind the counter), I finally made the time to take down all the Christmas decorations. (Actually Patrick forced me to do it. I had plenty of other more fun things on my list.) Yes, I'm well aware of the fact it's almost February, but life happens, okay? And I'm pretty sure you promised not to judge. So stop looking at me like that through the computer screen.
     Then we got this message from our friends, "Going to a friend's house in Wylie. Would love to see ya'll. Bring the guitar. They're making fajitas, so come have a taco."
     We don't like to deny free food offerings, so we went......but unsure if we were having fajitas or tacos. As it turns out, I need to add Mexican grocery stores to my "must go ethnic places"! They introduced me to this amazing candy I've never tried before. It's some sort of weird combo between chilli seasoning and a fruit I've never heard of. They're not today's, not yesterday's, but Tamaros!!! Get it?.....Get it????

     Jessica's in deep thought. That's because she and I were kicking butt at the Texas Hold'em Poker table!!! Seriously. We ended up calling truce after everyone was out of chips but Jessica, Bobby and I. It was just getting ridiculous how good we were.
     Apparently she didn't know what an "Olan Mills portrait" was, so after hysterically laughing at some examples I googled for her, we attempted at making our own. All I need is a Mullet and her hand on my left shoulder to make this an instant classic. 
     Oh, and remember this song? We made new lyrics for it that night. They start out as, "I'm gassy and you know it." I'm sure you can use your imagination for the rest of the lyrics!

Do you like to make up funny lyrics to popular songs? Please tell me you know what an Olan Mills picture is.......Anyone????

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