Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing Good Happens When You Leave Paradiase

It was a gorgeous way to start our way back home. We woke up when we wanted. I made breakfast for the house adults while sipping on mimosa's, and Stew made us some impressive Irish Coffee's while we shared pictures and stories of recent vacations with each other. 
The drive out of Colorado could not have been more perfect. 
As we entered New Mexico, we were "enchanted" by all the white ice covered trees. {That's me down there.}
Driving through the high plains and grasslands, we couldn't help but gawk at how mystical everything looked. 
Plateaus and hills kissing the low riding clouds. Waves of frosted native plants blowing in the wind. The warm and cool colors casually harmonizing together in the peaceful landscape.  
It was all actually easing the pain of heading back to our real world, nicely decorated with concrete sidewalks and stores for the spoiled. 
Am I completely ignorant for not knowing there are volcanoes in New Mexico??? We didn't invest exploring time into this one, but drove past the Capulin Volcano, an extinct cylinder cone now recognized as a National Monument. Supposedly, if you hike to the top, you can see 4 states at one time (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma); I had no idea!  
Of course at some point in my life, something always has to head in the direction of a mishap. In this case, it would be my good 'ol unreliable residential state. 
New Mexco, the land of enchantment......
Colorado, the sunshine state......
Tejas, the land of everything unpredictable.......
Apparently, a snow storm moved in on the northern tip, stretching all the way to Dallas! It was literally 60-70F when we left for vacation, and snowing when we came back. This meant driving 30mph from Amarillo to Plano, extending our drive an extra 4 hours, due to our state's lack of resources for such conditions.  We saw about 4 wrecks, no less than 6 cars stranded in ditches that had slid off the road, and a pickup truck slide in a 360 behind us on the highway. It was terrifying...and dark.....and icy, since the previous weather had been so warm. 
We stopped often to make sure there wasn't a build up of snow ruining our tires like the last time we drove home in a snow storm, and eventually Ol' Trusty got us home safely. 
The other bad news? We got charged twice for vacation......Over a grande.......Stolen.......straight out of the checking account. We've been banging our heads against the wall trying to get it back. Needless to say, it was a dramatic way to end a perfect getaway, and to avoid the boring details, hopefully all will be resolved in a couple of weeks.
And guess what?? Less than a week later, it was back to spring weather!
I swear, we get signals that our state wants us to stay gone every time we come back........
But from our struggles, we find our strengths, which is what inspired me for this post

How many volcano's have you seen? Am I the only person in history that didn't know New Mexico had volcanos?
Has anyone ever stolen money from your account? 

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