Wednesday, February 15, 2012

These, I Remember.

There a few a moments in life that will always stand out in my memory.

For the others, I write. But these, I remember.

The first conversation I had with Patrick. He told me he was a local celebrity and asked if my new cat was a "butt raiser".

Our first date, at Georges. It was January. We closed the place down, and spent hours talking in the cold dark parking lot, causing his Camero T-top to fog. He wrote "bad" on the glass above our heads with his finger. I wrote "bone". I think our souls both smiled that night, knowing we were going to be "bad to the bone, head over heels for each other".

The first time he kissed me outside my insect infested apartment door. The way it made my heart dance, and how it made me feel safe inside, even though I was terrified of the bugs.

The birthday card he gave me before taking me to my very first Mavericks game, and how it indicated he had something he wanted to tell me, but chickened out. I knew what it was, but I patiently waited.

The first time he told me he loved me. We had a great night out, celebrating Stacey Reeves Dirty Thirty, and after the lights were out, and we snuggled in my full size bed, he whispered those three little big words.

The first time he farted in bed, and tried to pretend like he was asleep.

The night he asked me to marry him, in a gondola, on the summit of a mountain, with champagne and tea-light candles...and the most beautiful ring. The nervousness in his voice. The warmth of his embrace after I said yes.

The look on his face when I met him at the alter in a white gown. The rich joy that filled my heart, knowing he was mine, and I was his, forever. How we laughed to keep from crying when I tried to put his wedding band on the wrong finger. 

The space between these lines are all the beautiful, hot mess moments that run together, better known as life.

Each of them richer because I have my favorite person in the universe to share the little things with.

And no matter what this world throws at us, we welcome it, because it just brings us closer.

I hope everyone celebrated some form of love this Valentine's Day. Aside from laughter, it's love that makes this world worth living in.

Hunny, you're the Pig-pen to my Snoopy, and I love you the most.


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