Thursday, February 2, 2012

Puppy Love

     My Mother in Law sent me this video. When I saw how long it was, I almost didn't watch it, but once I started, I couldn't stop, and then I cried. Damn the cuteness.
     Most people that have pets would argue the fact they are family. As I was trying to not die from boredom on the treadmill the other day at the gym, I started reading the captioning on the news channel. They were covering a story studying the importance animals play in our lives {to prove the point}; it read, "studies show dogs can have the mental capability of up to a 3 year old child".
     Our puppies may not perform as many tricks as Skidboot, but they've wedged their little souls into our hearts forever, just the same. I know that even if Patrick is not home, there'll still be an ecstatic face to greet me at the door or waiting to kiss me awake.........and if they're not, it's because they're doing something they shouldn't. Our furry toddlers of mischief.
     Our rent house doesn't have very sturdy grass in the back yard, so when it rains, Sumo can't seem to help himself from digging for treasure in the mud. They do much better on the concrete when it's wet outside, but we were still coming home drenched, so I when I found these cute petite rain coats, I couldn't resist buying them for our rainy day walks! 
     "You can't get us down, Rain! We got our rain jizzles on", that's what the puppies would say if they could talk. Aren't they just too adorable? They had the best time strutting the alley runway in their new attire. All they need now are some galoshes!
     This is how ridiculous the love gets in our house. Patrick was playing on the computer after work, and Sumo wanted to be near him so bad, he fell asleep wrapped around the computer. All up in his business, but too sweet to turn down. Moments like this make it so hard to leave for work.   

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