Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple Complexity

     I remember making fun of my Father for asking me how to spell “family” once.  He genuinely wasn't sure how to spell it.
     I am a huge nerd fan of science and math. Always have been.  I earned the honor award for Chemistry in High School and made a 100% in Anatomy and Physiology, but I can’t spell if my life depended on it. I couldn’t even spell genuinely without the knowledge of spellcheck.
     I’d like to make a formal apology, burned into the permanent abyss that is the Internet.

     Dear Daddy,
     I am terribly sorry for bashing your spell-knowledge, or lack there of. I realize now, that with the help of technology, it is a lost art that may never be recovered. (And thanks for passing the gene down to me, by the way.)
     I am not sorry, however, for laughing at you so hard that I fell over and cried the day in New Mexico when you were fronting as a Bad Ass  {hit a mud patch and crashed}, proving yourself to be a Jack Ass instead. (I’m actually laughing right now just thinking about it.) I'm not sorry for laughing my face off and making fun of you for that incident every time we talk about skiing (including this weekend), because it was truly one of the most funny moments I've witnessed in my entire life. 

Your First and Favorite,

     My three points are complexly simple.
     I ran 6 miles for the first time in my life this week. Completed it in 66 minutes with rolling foothills. The first mile was cake. Last week was the first time in my life that I’ve ever felt like running a mile wasn’t difficult. Miles 2-4 was all about mind over body. I literally argued with my body to get through them. Miles 5-6 changed transformed to body over mind. It was amazing.  My runner’s high kicked in for the first time ever and my body knew it could do it, even though my brain was skeptical to the unknown territory. If you’d asked me a year ago if I would ever run for over an hour at one time, I would have laughed in your face. No question………And look at me now. I still don’t know how I’ll run 7 miles next week, but then again, I never pictured myself being able to complete 6.
     The body is an amazing complex machine with layers upon layers of brilliance, but it's failing my toe. Houston, I think we may have a problem. My toe nail is turning un-natural colors and it's been through nothing traumatic. I think it may be preparing itself for a independent launch......until then, I'll just cover it up with something pretty...like blue sparkly nail stickers.
     We are headed to Colorado for a short getaway. Need to get my ski tips in the snow. I'm hoping for some fresh powder, unlike the conditions for the trip we took to Ruidoso, NM a few years ago when my dad found himself upside-down and covered in mud on the bare mountain.  
     And I can’t spell. But you wouldn’t know that unless I was honest. Because just as body science is amazing, so is computer science. What would we do without either of them?

What was your favorite subject in school? Can you remember the funniest moment in your life?

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