Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Until now, we'd never stayed on the actual mountain before, but after this trip, we've decided there's nothing better. See those smiling faces?? It's because got to sleep until 7:50, eat a homemade breakfast, and still be on the slopes before everyone else. WINNING!
It snowed it's ass off all day and night, so visibility was low in the early morning, but the snow covered trees were beautiful! Besides, we were bundled and prepared. I was sure to bare exactly zero skin when exposed to the weather, to preserve my southern girl humid loving epithelial tissue. 
Although our wardrobe was equipped, our Texan legs and lungs might have been slightly on the under-prepared side, so we we hit up the lodge for a mid-morning break, as not to overdo it. 
And the whole day called for more celebration.
The sun broke it's way through the clouds for a brief moment in the afternoon, and it's presence did not go un-noticed.  

Patrick got lost from the gang once. There's always one. We kept trying to wait for him to catch up, so he wouldn't take a wrong turn, but he kept waving us to move on. And eventually, the inevitable happened. It seemed like an hour before he found us again, and even longer before he could bring himself to admit to us that he skied his way to a paved road and had to take a shuttle bus back to the slopes!! Silly goose
Here we are, reunited for a few more runs in the winter wonderland before calling it quits for the day!
Then, it was time to unwind and nurse the muscles in the swirly, twirly, bubbly, magical, hot sauna. As it turns out, Patrick already had a snow bunny of his own, and didn't know it!  
The condo offered a free shuttle ride service to where ever our hearts desired, which showed up at the door seconds after a phone request. 
We tried a charming little place called Angel's Hollow, eclectic eats. I love how so many of the businesses in that town are made from old houses. 
Everything on the menu was enticing, but after much debate, everyone finally settled on something to meet the needs of our individual cravings. 
We heard this place was known being pouring generously, and the point was well taken when we were served the strongest margaritas any of use had ever laid tongues on. Whew, like a shot of tequila with every sip! 
They served these delicious flour tortilla chips to experiment will all their crazy original flavored table salsas. Banana habanero, peach habanero, original, blueberry habanero, and tomatillo. All wonderfully interesting and original. 
Our mission to find karaoke vanished at the fireside by Jake's Dive Bar, but the fun didn't subside. 
We admired the town's cuteness, then headed back to the condo to make smores by our own fire, and have our own sing-a-long session with Pat Carruth strumming on the 'ol 5 string Taylor while finishing playing catch up with our friends.   
Day 2, a success. 


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