Monday, March 12, 2012

"Roll up a Fatty Full of Fun and Fellowship!"

You are about to go on an exclusive inside embarkment of a typical lazy evening in the kpLOVE residence.

***In the kitchen while Patrick was anxiously watching me conjure up some nachos from left-over scraps***

Me: Hey.....if you were a nacho, which part of you would you want to get eaten first?

Patrick: The cheese, because it would hurt less when someone chomped down on me.

Me: Really? Hmmmm.......

Patrick: Ya, cheese is softer. So it seems like it wouldn't hurt as bad as a crunchy chip.

Me: So you think fat people feel less pain than skinny people?

Patrick: Of course. If I punched a fat guy, it wouldn't hurt him as bad as if I punched you.

Me: Touche......

Patrick: Are you going to put jalepheno's on those?

Me: No, but we can add some salsa.......

Patrick: Why not?

Me: Because I don't want your butt to stink later.

Patrick: Your butt stinks all the time and I never say anything about it!!!! Do you know how big you farted on the me other morning?!?!?

***I pretended I didn't hear the last statement, put the nachos in the microwave, retreated to the bed, and left Patrick in the kitchen. Alone.***

Me: Salsa!!! Salsa!!!! Salsa!!!! Salsa!!! Salsa!!!!

Patrick: Are you saying, "ball-sack"?

Me: No.......

Patrick: Aw man, I was getting excited.
I cooked an amazing Thai inspired dinner, we went out for some frozen yogurt, and then we settled down over some late night munchies to watch Will Ferrel's Greatest Hits Saturday Night Live (my favorite). I love Will Ferrel's impression of Harry Caray. The first time I watched it, I laughed so hard I cried. 
In honor of the best late and great's of SNL, I leave you with this,"I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell." 

Do/did you ever watch SNL? If so, who is/was your favorite??


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