Monday, September 3, 2012

Telling Our Family: 10 weeks

First thing's first:
If Patrick had any inkling of a clue how sick it makes me to smell the aroma of BBQ at this stage in my pregnancy, he would be warming it up outside on the pavement and eating it 2 blocks away. But he doesn't, so instead, I'm hiding in the bedroom trying to think of other things like french fries and oreo blizzards to keep my mind off of barfing. If I need anything for the next 3 hours, I think I may just text him, so I don't have to walk into the danger zone, also known as every other room in our house that now smells like smoked meat.
Allison said my armpits smelled, but I tested her during the picture taking and she never noticed....called that bluff!
Second on the agenda: 
Announcing the anticipation of a new family member to our immediate family. 
Getting most of the family together at one time on a non-holiday had to be sly and non-chalant. Like a few weekends ago when I spent the weekend with my parents at the river "fake-drinking" and making the excuse of not eating the chicken salad for lunch "because the heat was getting to me"...... Thank goodness we have been completely busy and not around our parents more over the last 4 weeks, or I totally may have cracked! I almost lost my cool last week when Nana asked me over lunch if Patrick and I were still trying to conceive, "Yup," is all I could say without spilling the beans.
We had the perfect scheme in place to gather everyone in a non-supicious way. Our dad's birthdays are only a few weeks apart and with the brillant excuse of needing to celebrate them together, since we'd be in town on a certain weekend, we managed to get everyone to agree. 
Our ultrasound was only a few days prior, so we had the perfect gifts all ready for our clueless dad's. 
My mom, "Well who's going to be DD??? Your grandmother can't drive everyone!!"
Me, completely cool and casual, "I will be. It's not my birthday, and Patrick had his draft all day. I don't mind."
Can you say, 'totally had her fooled'??? Maybe I missed my calling as an actor. 
I could tell the night was going to be especially interesting when I got a call on the way to Ninfas to pick Patrick up at the titty-bar in one of the trashiest areas of Waco......Geez. I disinfected him in the parking lot, and moved on.
After everyone was settled and happy with their margaritas and chips, I asked our dad's when they wanted to open their birthday gifts.....No time's like the "present"!
The pocket knifes made an appearance, ribbons were cut, paper torn, and James was the first to see what was inside.
"Oh look, it's a picture of the whole family!" he said, laughing and pointing to us posing outside with the dogs. Vickie was looking over his shoulder, smiling. I was still waiting for their REAL reaction when Amy happened to peak at the picture. Her smile changed and her eyes widened, but she didn't say anything. She was looking at me and then back at the frame in disbelief when my dad finally finished opening his. He starred at it, blank faced, and my mom grabbed at it, to see.
At that exact moment, the Carruth family finally read the caption at the bottom of the photo.
"Is that a joke??" Amy asked, everyone looking up for an answer.
"Would it be a very funny one?" I replied.
"Are you serious?!?!?!?" Everyone seemed to say at the exact same time with tears in their eyes and shaky voices.
It was all a blur from there. Tears, and hugs, and excitement.
"I bet you didn't realize just how loaded your comment was when you said it was a picture of the whole family, huh?" I asked James.
"I had no idea!" he laughed.
The rest of the night was amazing. Everyone wanted to know how long we'd been keeping our secret. We called my Memma and Aunt Susie, and completely stole the show from our poor dad's birthday celebration. Memma said her new prayers would be for us to have a girl that looks exactly like me.....but that destiny has already been made.
Can you believe I forgot to bring my camera??? I'm still disappointed with myself on this one. Thank goodness Nana was there to save the day with her picture taking skills.
My mom was still crying tears of joy the next morning, "I woke up and the first thing I thought was 'my life will never be the same' ". And then she took Patrick shopping at Kohls, "Anything for the father of my grandchild."
Our mini-us is the size of a prune this week, and developing teeth, joints, and urine!!

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