Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lizards and Melons and Thunder, Oh My!

A short recap, because I can't remember any good stories about this week......
Callie got to wear her new ThunderShirt...but every time we put it on, it stopped thundering outside. It did give me a good belly laugh for a while though, because she would sprint around the room, rubbing against the furniture and rolling around on the floor, like when we were having a hard time potty training her, and I threatened to sell her on eBay, so Patrick took me out for a couple glasses of wine and we came home to put her in a doggy diaper....and I laughed until I cried and decided to keep her forever and ever and ever!
Does anyone know why Sumo's eyes always appear one green, one yellow in the camera flash???
I got to hang out with my mom and brother, and we made a yummy Mexican dinner, and I watched them take Chocolate Cake shots until they couldn't hold their eyes open while we were watching the Hunger Games!!! How can you fall asleep during the Hunger Games?!?!?
I dressed my brother in the cutest hat ever, and told him how pimpin' he looked, but he still refused to buy it!
Callie and Sumo had their first taste of watermelon!! Callie LOVED it; Sumo thought it was just okay. He seemed more interested in how much Callie liked hers. 
I saved a NICU nurse from being attacked by this killer lizard.....and saved the lizard from the terrified-adrenaline-induced-probable-killer-nurse by setting him free in the bushes outside. It was quite the event. 
It was a productive week. 

Do your dogs like fruit? Are you scared of lizards??


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