Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Misunderstandings and More

Someone's stomach was smaller than his eyes!
Oh wait, that's not quite how it it? You get my drift though; I know you do.
Dusty wanted to go out to eat super duper bad, so we took him some place new, Kenny's Burger Joint.
When we got there, I asked the waitress for her drink menu, not realizing Patrick was holding the alcoholic beverage menu. She started rambling all the non-alcohol drinks available when I said, "Not those kind of drinks!!", just as I realized what Patrick was holding, and snatched it from his hands, then ordered a beer.
Needless to say, he thought this was directed towards him, telling him he couldn't have a single drink.
(And I could have sworn Dusty said he "didn't like almonds, but he liked them on his pizza". When apparently he said "olives", becuase he "had almonds for lunch".)
While we were waiting on our food we saw a challenge on the wall called El Jefe Grande, a 7lb 7,000 calorie hamburger, with only 2 victorious and 103 defeated participants since it's existence. Dusty immedately claimed his abilities to devour and conquer. Obviously his shirt must have had magic telepathic powers and was trying to brainwash him.
My sandwhich, Kenny's favroite, was not even close to 7 lbs and it was ginormous.
Patrick had to help me start and finish it off. 
Dusty ordered the exact same thing as me and was embarrassed when he couldn't finish it...even with breaks.
I gave him props for effort, but totally harrassed him about thinking he could win the challenge of El Jefe Grande. Afterall, he was so full he could only hold one eye open. (I guess his magic shirt wasn't as powerful as it thought it was.) 

And what about these songs; am I the only one in the world that thought they went this way???

Me singing Ace of Base, "I saw the sun. I opened up my eyes and saw the sun!!" (I told Patrick that sometimes it sounded like she said "I saw the sign", and he looked at me like I was crazy. I always just assumed she opened up her eyes to see the sun and it made her world brighter. )

Me singing AC/DC, "Dirty Deeds! Thunder Jeep! Dirty Deeds! Thunder Jeep! Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Jeep!" (Again {sigh}, Patrick told me I was crazy. I even asked my brother, and was out numbered. Apparently it's, "Done Dirt Cheap!" I just always thought a gang of guys that called themselves "Dirty Deeds" rode around together in their jeep they affectionately referred to as "Thunder". )

It seems a few times a week, Patrick and I have a misunderstanding of some sort, becuase I think about things in my own quirky way and vise versa (but after writing this post, I realize most of the time it's my fault becuase I live in the wondrous La La Imaginatory Land of Kayla).

How does your stomach match up with your eyes?? Do you have as many communication issues as I do?


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