Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bustin' at the Seams: 11 weeks

What I appreciate about my foreign woman work friends is their brutal honesty. Sometimes us American folks can get too wrapped up in being over sensitive....but these women.....they just tell it like it is. Because, let's face it, there's no use in getting offended by the's just, the truth! I'm so glad it's not a secret anymore; you can't keep anything from these people!

The Asian had been telling me for weeks I looked so tired, and asked what was wrong with me. When I told her I was pregnant this week, she said, "I knew it! I knew something was wrong with you! Congratulations! Your showing a little already" She reached out, rubbed my belly, then laughs, "It's hard, because there's a baby in there, not squishy like mine; it's just fat!" 
The Islander's (two different one's on two different occasions) saw me for the first time a in a few weeks and the first thing she said was, "What happened to your face? You having a breakout or a rash or something? Why?" 
"It's just the hormones. I'm pregnant."
"Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I was worried something was wrong with you!"
The Indian neonatologist hadn't seen me in a while and as soon as she laid eyes on me the other night, she started with, "What's the matter with you? You look different. So tired....What are you, pregnant or something?"
"Yes. That's exactly right, actually."
"Oh my gosh, I knew it!! You don't have to do rounds with us, you don't care. You're to tired to care about anything anymore."

Our little mini-us is about the size of a lime this week and moving all around, although I can't feel it yet. But what I can feel, is my bulging tummy. I can't button a single pair of pants I own, and even most of my workout pants feel too tight at the top to be comfortable. Luckily, I had some Kohl's cash, so my mother, brother and me hit up the sale racks to get a couple of cool maternity pants to accommodate my pooch! OMG, I've owned stretchy pants in the past, but nothing compares to the way these feel. It seems really early to need such things already, but I've always refused to compromise comfort for fashion, and have an especially good reason now.....on a side note, I just recently learned the trick of using a rubberband to hold the top of your pants together, so that should hold me over for a while!
My mom is in total beast mode to get everyone's Christmas presents out of the way so she can focus on her grandchild-in-the-making, which means she also bought me some maternity shirts while they were on sale. Now I can have decent clothes to wear come winter!
Even while knowing I'm growing a human being (thrilled the growth means our baby is well on it's way in development), it's still an adjustment to get bigger every week (and not blatantly look prego to the entire world yet), when I've always put so much effort into fitness and staying in shape. And Patrick....he tells me I look "juicy", with this tone in his voice and look in his eye like he wants to tackle me and devour my existence. Although meant to be flattering, I can't say that particular word has any appeal to the image I'd like to have of myself, but it does help instill confidence in my fast changing body to know my husband is loving the way I look. 
Despite throwing up this week, my appetite is actually on the rise and I've mastered the art of not sleeping too long, so I can wake up and snack. Thankfully the snacking method seems to be keeping my nausea on the down low, so I ditched all those medications. All I've been able to think about this week is fruit and Elephante burritos. The fruit I've got covered. More specifically mangos, nectarines, plouts, plums, strawberries, kiwis, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas. Can I get a halleighlula for summer time variety?!?!?! The burrito is journeying in route as I type this, from Waco. I sweet talked the hubby into bringing me a few to last the week, since he went to Waco without me for his fantasy football draft. 
Apparently this was me during our Sunday movie time, 3 hours after Patrick paused the movie for the 30 minute nap I convinced him I needed.
Obviously, I've conquered the art of dealing with fatigue. And I've learned to be at peace with the dull achy feeling of my expanding uterus, but have yet to fix the disaster that is my face. Thank goodness I have make-up to make me look decent when I don't want to scare people away!! 


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