Monday, September 24, 2012

If Pictures Say 1,000 Words....

If pictures tell a story, I'm not sure these would actually be 1,000 word stories, but they are pretty self explanatory. (I'll provide the literal part anyway, because I like to talk.)

Story #1
Callie: Mom, that flash is way too bright. Must you really photograph every second of my life??
Sumo: What's that? Callie's getting attention?!? I guess I'll jump in the action!

Callie: Get off me, fool! Girls just wanna chill.
Sumo: Easy, easy, killer. Boy's just want to have fun!
Callie: It's my way or the highway; that's how we roll.
Sumo: Whatev'. This is so boring.

Story #2
Lucie: I think I see something out there. Too bad that crazy lady has gates half way up the door or I'd go hunt something in the front yard, like I did last week when she thought just one gate would suffice. I don't need claws, I'm badass without them.  
Callie and Sumo: What's that??? The cat detects movement? Out of our way cat, we got this.

Story #3
Callie: Ahhhhh, this is the life....sunbathing in the perfect weather without the elements of outdoors.
Sumo: What's that?? You're chillin' again?? I thought I told you, boys just wanna have fun!!!
Callie: UGH!!! Fine, I surrender.
Sumo: Mom, she was right.....this chillin' business is pretty nice. Thanks for the money spot, SUCKAAAAH!!!!

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