Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If You Have Time......

After making it home, we had a long cry together. 
I called in sick to work this week because I didn't think I could keep a straight face while caring for precious tiny premature babies, much less be in a delivery room to catch healthy babies, and not have a break down. Thankfully there's no way Patrick would ever leave my side during such a life event, so he's spent every moment with me for the last 4 days. Had he gone to work, it may have caused another breakdown.
We shut the world out for a couple of days; sometimes it's best to just be with each other. 
We didn't wash a single dish for a while.
We watched like 10 movies.
We took a couple of long walks, thanks to Mother Nature and her blessing of a triple digit temperature break.
We ate too many late night chocolate chip cookies in bed. 
We did brunch with sushi and bottomless mimosas. 
We snuggled and hugged a lot. 
We said what needed to be said.
We eventually laughed about things that were funny again.
And although we refused to talk to anyone on the phone (with the exception of my father who I knew wouldn't say anything mushy), we appreciated the thought of the callers. We were deeply touched by the flowers and the food on our door step, and we couldn't be blessed with better family or friends.
I picked the most amazing man in the world to share my life with. We picked the sweetest people to be friends with. And God picked the greatest family for us to belong to.
It just donned on me that it's the anniversary of September 11th, so I feel a little guilty for even bringing this up, but if you happen to have the time, please toss a quick little prayer His direction for peace of mind as I go in for this procedure today. I may feel comfortable in the hospital as an employee, but it's a different story when I'm on the other end of the medical chain. And aside from all that, it's costing us a fortune.
I just wanted to thank everyone again for all your understanding and support. 


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