Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Put It on the Line

One night at work last week, we had a pretty good blend of ages complaining about how much we all despise laundry. 
Poor Vickie grew up in the country and had to hand-wash everything from a young age. She wasn't allowed to wash dish towels with wash-clothes, because that was "dirty", and had to iron everything, including sheets and underwear. When the day came they finally got a dryer, everything was dried that way because they believed the heat disinfected everything!
This explains why some of the older ladies at work always come with their scrubs freshly ironed....conditioned at a young age. 
What a childhood!! I had chores, but I didn't even know how to use the washing machine until I was about to graduate from high school. And to this day, I refuse to iron much of anything. My mom actually feels bad for my husband because I don't iron his shirts. 
And after deliberating with everyone else, it turns out I was the only one who believes in air drying everything except towels and socks.

Everyone: But where do you hang everything to dry??
Me: Duh.....You mean you're house doesn't look like this after you do laundry?? That's why I don't do laundry before I invite people over.

Everyone: But how do you keep the wrinkles out of your clothes?
Me: A little shake shake here, and a shake shake there....*and then I busted out in a 3 minute long impractical musical number as if we were in an episode of Family Guy or some unrealistic Disney movie.*
Everyone: Wow.
*Stares at me like I've gone mad.*

Who knows, maybe I walk around wrinkled, but at least my clothes last forever. Never a worn look or a unruly hole. I literally only get rid of clothes when they are obsolete, or know I'll never fit in them again.....

So, what do you do with wet clothes?? Hang them to dry, or use the dryer? Do you iron your laundry?


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