Thursday, September 20, 2012


Jess and Bobby called just in time to save me from doing the dishes solo. Every plate and pot we owned had been retired to the sink, and lets just say it didn't take much convincing for me to abandon the kitchen massacre for one more night.
Everything takes a back seat to half-price sushi. Everything.
After recently discovering Instagram's compatibility with Driods, I've been mildly obsessed with this new form of photo crafting, so I captured our double date through my new mobile media application.
After eating all the yummy rolls our stomachs could handle, we went to play kissy by the water fountain. Several people actually thought this picture of Jess and Bobby looked like a wedding portrait, thanks to the perfectly positioned white water sprouting from Jess' hair, giving the illusion of a veil!
Next on the agenda was to try some Italian Icecream. A charming Gilato cafe happened to be just next door, and after verging being cut off from samples by the guy behind the counter, Jess and I finally placed an order.
There were so many diverse taste qualities and textures, us girls had a hard time deciding on a flavor, but Patrick and Bobby dove right in and ordered without tasting a single sample. Boys are so brave a wreckless.
Patrick also got a vintage coke in a glass bottle.
Jess and I ate our icecream super slow to procrastinate leaving; who wants to go home to sit inside when the weather's so nice???
The darker it got outside, the prettier the water became, transitioning into sparkling luminous flames.
But the abundant role of creating joy and picture perfect moments water had posed in our evening had a much different tone in my brother's, playing a part of stress as he came home to find his water had been shut off by the city.
With sleepy eyes, the watch dogs invited Dusty inside, and we all slept well in a home full of love, under a roof blessed with enough money to pay for an occasional night out and to keep the water running .
And that's how a date night through Instagram transpired.

Have you ever had Gelato? If so, what's your favorite flavor?


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