Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For the Record: My Husband is NOTHING Like Tom Green

Nurses don't always get holidays off, so we just alter the dates for whenever we feel like having them......because we're cool like that.  
We celebrated Labor Day over at the White's house in traditional Texas manor. Jessica referred to it as The White Party......but it doesn't count as a racist title, since we let Bobby come, right????
This picture illustrates a primary example of the silliness not uncommon when Patrick and Bobby are in each other's company.....Patrick acting a fool, and Bobby pretending not to notice, or even acknowledge a camera is in his face.   
Speaking of acting a fool, Ryan thought it'd be cool to tell Patrick he resembled Tom Green.......little did he know this comparison has happened many times over the years and Pat would have a few things to say about it! 
(Please note the amazing photogenic qualities of the immediate picture below.)
I can see why Patrick may get a little upset by this comparison. Who wants to be mistaken for that funny guy who has been in a few movies, had his own TV show, and has a lot of money??? I mean, just because they both enjoy snorkeling and making crazy faces doesn't mean they are anything alike.....especially when it comes to money; my husband has no money.
And everyone has made Duck-face for the camera before.....and lots of guys are tall and skinny.......that doesn't mean that my husband and Tom Green are similar in any way.
And just because they both participate in shock-humor, enjoy yelling at things and humping in public, only classifies them as men in general......Besides, Tom Green has brown hair and Patrick's is Salt and Pepper. 
I don't know why people would think they resemble each other, just because they both have intense blue/green eyes, triangle noses, long skinny fingers, and instrument playing capabilities.  
Besides the fact that they both can spell their name with 3 letters, they both usually sport facial hair, they both enjoy singing silly inappropriate songs, and they both like to pose for pictures with their mouths open to show-off their bottom teeth, Tom and Pat have so many differences...........like Tom's hair is usually longer than Pat's.
But the truth is, my husband is one of the sexiest men alive for all the right reasons. If Tom Green could live up to half the man Patrick is, he'd being doing very well for himself and any girl would be lucky to have him, no matter what his bum has been on. That's right ladies, you'll have to settle for Tom, because my man is spoken for.
Oh look....more silliness.
It's a wonder the kids know how to make faces like that when the adults set such good examples, like this......
Speaking of good examples, Patrick got upset with me because I wouldn't let him prove he could walk this large rusted wheel thingy across the field.
"You always want to do fun stuff like this!!! Why can't I???" he whined. 
"Ugh, because I'm the completely sober one this time. So now all I can think about is you ruining your shorts, or that shirt I really like, or me having to take you to the hospital to get a tetanus shot after busting your head open on that rusted metal! And you're not getting paid millions of dollars to look stupid like Tom Green or those guys on JackAss."
He may have pouted on the way home, but I cheered him up with a little late night Taco Bell. 
Ha, bribery.......It's so easy it should be a crime!

Ever bribe your family with food? Have you ever been compared to someone, maybe a celebrity, that you'd rather not be associated with?


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