Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alzheimers Free, Just Blonde (At Heart)

The best part about football season is the indication that autum is coming!!!
And. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it......
We mentally prepared ourselves for an opening game loss, and had a little get together over yummy munchies to greet the new season with a bang and a distraction, but it couldn't have ended better.
In preparation, I made two grocery lists and forgot them, both times, so I made a new grocery list on my phone and still managed to forget something that I had on the list!
Then I made fruit pizza.......and after spreading the icing on the enormous cookie, I licked the beater and thought, "Hmm...that tastes oddly bitter." Oh yes, probably because I forgot to put sugar in the icing!!! DOPE!
Despite the odds, and all my marbles being tossed out the window over the last couple of weeks, dinner was edible.
 Sometimes I act like a 90 year old lady with Alzheimer's......maybe I should just get bigger boobs and a long blonde wig, and then it could be expected of me!
We all wore blue (except my brother who never diverts from black), but Ale won the spirit award in her jersey! (Fun fact: I've had that shirt for 4 years, and this was the first time I've ever worn it.)
This picture is almost the perfect reflection of our night: Dusty sleeping, the crazies celebrating, and Sumo all up in our business! Too bad sissy boy Bobby had to bail on us early. I mean, seriously, who leaves a house party at midnight when they don't even have to be at work until 6am the next morning?!?
Come to think of it, after the way they played their second game, maybe the Cowboys should start wearing blonde wigs too.....or get boobs.

Are you ready for some Football and Fall???


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