Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Screw Flutters, We've Got Nudges, People! : Week 21

It's amazing how much movement I've started to feel this week; little nudges from the inside that are constantly getting stronger, mostly noticeable when I'm working the night shift. They're almost startling sometimes, especially when they're directly on my bladder or feel higher up than I can imagine my uterus reaching inside my torso. My fundus is officially above my belly button is that possible?!? I think Cotton must be doing some somersaults or really fast turns because several times a day I get that feeling like I'm in a car and driving really fast over a dip in the road, you know, that roller-coaster-stomach-flip-feeling.....except it's coming from where the baby is instead of my stomach. Patrick knows I've always loved that sensation; there's a particular road near his parents house that we always drive fast on, just so I can make my stomach turn. 
I want so badly for Patrick to be able to feel our little miracle moving about, but he/she just isn't strong enough yet to punch or kick with enough force to get through that placental cushion. The anticipation for that moment to happen is exciting, though.
I've been extremely restless in my sleep lately and woke up with a severe cramp/charlie horse in my calf this week. Since then, the muscle has been sore!! The last time I'd experienced anything like that was probably 2 years ago or more. I told some girlfriends about it and they said they had them their entire pregnancies!!! WHAT? Hopefully this is not the case for me, but if it is, I'll just add it to my list of strange pregnancy symptoms that no one ever told me about!
I'm starting to notice a few age spots/freckles are darkening on my face, even though I haven't seen much sun (if any) in a loooooong time, but according to my phone app, this is completely expected; no linea nigra though, so there's that. My skin has been getting really itchy, so Patrick is super sweet and rubs lotion all over my stomach and scratches my back for me. I seriously don't know what I'd do without him......
My favorite meal: An avocado with lime juice and some Cheetos on the side!!
Have I mentioned how fun it is to feel Cotton move all around and know for sure that's exactly what it is?! So fun. Guys really have it easy, but they miss out on a lot. 

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