Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten Things Thurdsday

1. I actually did this:
I had two books immediately within reach that had just been donated to me. I picked up the one on top: Dad's Pregnant Too! by Harlan Cohen.
It read, "Shock and awe are the best words to describe the first doctor's visit."
I wasn't really sure how this fit into my love life, so I decided to pick up the second book: 1000 Questions about your Pregnancy 3rd Edition by Jeffery Thruston, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
"In the first trimester, you may gain anything from no weight to about six pounds, or you may even lose several pounds."
It seems as though I need to get more romantic books within my reach or my love life is in trouble.
2. Patrick finally used his rice cooker and made me sushi rolls! He even made his own eel sauce. I felt extremely sorry for him to know he went through the trouble of trying to make me tempura calamari and it turned out as chewy as little pieces of recycled tire, but I hear it' s a pretty tricky meat to cook!
3. I finished one of my very time consuming projects, but unfortunately can't share the results yet, because it's a surprise for a close friend!
4. Me and Krystal actually made time for a extended lunch date, and we had a great time over salads, crafts, and toddler play! Why do I never take pictures when we are together?!?!
5. Upon request, I made Patrick a chicken fried steak dinner of his dreams with all the fixin's: creamed corn, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes. Left overs galore were planned accordingly by popular demand; I'm a wife that delivers.
6. My brother and his girlfriend moved in together this week! We went out to Cold Stone to celebrate and the Kardashian family was there (there's so many insiders on this one it'd need a post of it's own).
7. My parents came to town and took us out for lunch. Then we went to JoAnn's to finally finish getting material for Cotton (this kid is going to have the funnest and nicest gender neutral blankets and coordinating burp cloths anyone has ever seen).
8. I'm still a little perturbed at my mom for addressing me with, "Hey there, Fatty," as we walked into the buffet restaurant (that was not my request, by the way)........but I guess she know's not what she does (or says).
9. I really like the judge panel combination on American Idol this year! (I can't believe I still watch that show, but they sucked me in again by adding Harry Connick Jr..)
10. It may have taken Jess and I an entire year to plan a date to attend McKinney Trade Days and actually follow through with it, but the take away is we finally did it and she found some great stuff for her wedding!!! 

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