Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Taking Bets: Week 22

It's been a boring week in the pregnancy department as far as reporting goes, but it's never boring to feel Cotton moving around or have Patrick rub lotion on my belly.
Over are the days of just lifting my knee to my chest to put socks and shoes on. I'm officially bound to crossing one leg over it's opposing knee to reach each foot from the side.
I've been really lucky and still haven't had any heart burn up to this point, but starting having some reflux this week (mild, but absolutely gross).......whomp whomp.
A really sweet lady attending the same Barbell class as me this week ushered the door for me as we were leaving and said, "I was never that cute when I was pregnant."......which obviously made my day. 
How funny is it that I found a wreath made of cotton while I was dress shopping and accidentally wandered into the home section?!?
At this rate, I estimate the ol' belly button will be playing a disappearing act in approximately 4 weeks. Any bets on that?


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