Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cooking, Cooking, and (the best part) EATING!

Super Bowl weekend might not have been a very exciting time for football, but it was great in the food department!

We went to a party in a very cool decked out garage turned bar and met lots of new people who all brought yummy treats.  There was way too much food there (like banana bread with caramel drizzle sauce and homemade croutons from artisan bread with shredded buffalo chicken dip), resulting in left over fruit pizza (one of my personal specialties), and since it's not the greatest left over and I knew my work people were had been really slammed, we brought the rest to them on the way home, hoping it'd brighten their night.
Patrick did quite a bit of cooking himself that Saturday, including surprising me with my favorite, mexican market short ribs. 
And on the following Monday, I spent the day baking a cheesecake while the puppies window watched. 
Thankfully, the threat of a wintery mix had been postponed once again, because we had a hot date at Lara and Tim's house to eat her homemade loaded potato soup, something we'd been trying to get together for since the last bad storm demolished our plans back in December! It was a near miss opportunity for irony and would have been a not so subtle hint from some other power that we weren't meant to have this soup! But I'm glad we did, because it was amazing.
By Wednesday, I was counting my blessings, since we found out people we'd hung out with on both days came down with some sort of sickness after we'd left. But little did I know, impending doom awaited...............

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