Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trying Not to Pee Myself and Nursery Sneak Peek: Week 23

Ugh. On my 5th day of being sick and running off minimal sleep despite every effort possible, like sleeping while sitting, stuffing kleenex's in my nose, taking every over-the-counter-medication allowed during pregnancy, a humidifier, menthol, and the best pampering a girl could ask for by her very sweet husband, I was sooooo done, hence the done face. Coughing so bad my whole body hurt, inducing nausea and vomiting (uh, ya, vomiting), and also resulting in the temporary loss of bladder control (once, the rest were only very seriously scary threats of escapee pee), is for the birds. 
But despite it all, I still had things to smile already having a doctor's appointment scheduled first thing on Monday morning to see Cotton again and (new on my agenda) to get some real medication to kick this sickness in the ass. Besides, I couldn't imagine how tired that poor little baby must have been in there from getting jostled around so much with all my non-stop violent coughing and nose blowing. Out of the mouth of my brother who saw me on this one day I briefly braved the public, "You don't look very sick."
Well thank you, brother. I'll take that as a compliment; it's amazing what a shower, make-up, a semi-fake smile, and Codeine can do for a girl in agony. 
The heart is the first thing we saw on the ultrasound, which is exactly the unfinished business we'd come to complete, and no longer a breech baby (yay for not stepping on Mommy's bladder anymore), everything looked perfect.Cotton was being a little dramatic with his/her arm up, laying his/her hand on his/her forehead, which was super adorable, and we loved witnessing that sweet face's cheeks get chubbier since our last peak.It's been a big week, reaching viability and all. What's really crazy is to think that I've taken care of babies outside the womb at this age. The swirling sensation has been getting more intense, and kicks are getting even stronger; Patrick is pretty sure he felt an actual kick for the first time! Feeling a little being inside me makes everything much more real and amazing; I smile on the inside with every nudge. 
With all my "resting" time, we even got online and did most of our registries (which is very convenient, since consumer reviews are posted on everything these days), only leaving the big stuff to do in real life when I'm no longer a health threat to the community. 
Time is going by so fast, and our spring schedule is already getting jam packed, leaving me feeling a little crunched for time, so I'm trying to get as much done in the nursery as possible. This week, I sewed a couple of pennant banners and hung them on the room divider that I FINALLY finished. 
If you're ever thinking about saving some cash by making your own room divider, let me rescue your sanity by advising, DON'T DO IT. Just buy one, seriously, I'll explain next week. Not that I don't love the finished result, but this project took me months to complete, literally.
Just looking at this cozy corner makes me sigh with relief that I did all these time consuming projects last summer.
I adore this cute sewing table I found at an antique shop and made over to go with the room's grey and print theme.
The gigantic dresser I repurposed will be serving double duty, since it will also be our changing table.
Of course my child-like paintings are on display. 
And in between, are little interesting things I've found here and there.
One of the questions non "team green" people ask is, "How will you decorate the nursery if you don't know if it's a boy or a girl?" 
"With lots of color and fun things to look at!" I reply. I'm sure I'll rearrange everything a hundred times before now and June, and we still need a crib, but I'm happy with the shape it's taking so far.


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