Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kicking Debut with a side of Cheetos: Week 25

Cotton is getting stronger and more active every week. This week I while I was watching American Idol, I started to feel some really big kicks, looked down and saw the outside of my belly hopping around as well!  I missed the biggest kicks, but you can see a couple in the video around 7 and 10 seconds, to the left. Now it happens a couple of times a day, but I'm so glad I got caught the very first time on video! 
Patrick got to feel a really big kick this week. His hand was on my belly, and my hand was on top of his, when BAM! It was so strong, you could see both our hands pop up. "Whoa! Was that the baby? It's like Cotton just head butted you or something!" 
The crazy thing is we have 15 more weeks of strengthening left!
I took care of a baby exactly Cotton's age this week and looked at it in a whole new light; so amazed at the little miracle that still needed assistance of some sort to survive, and so thankful that not only do I get to help make that happen, but also for each and every day Cotton still gets to stay in the womb and mature. In the eyes of a NICU nurse (and every mother who's loved and lost or gone through the battle of prematurity), every day and especially every week of pregnancy is a tiny triumph to never be taken for granted. 
I finally got back in the gym and boy oh boy did it feel good....until the next day when the lower half of my abdomen was ridiculously sore, with achy-ness lasting for a few days. I suppose it's just ligaments stretching, but I took it as a hint to slow down a little.
A serving of Cheetos is the perfect compliment to anything.....blackberries, mango, avocado...you name it! Cotton loves blackberries.....or as Patrick likes to say when the baby moves around a lot after I eat or drink something in particular, "probably hates them". 

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