Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Long Time Comin'

I've never been huge on buying brand new furniture. Every piece we own, with the exception of our couch, was either a hand-me-down, thrifted, or from an antique sale and made over/repurposed by yours truly. I like furniture with history that's already proven it's ability to stand the test of time. 
That being said, you can see why it was a huge decision to purchase a fresh out of the factory rocker recliner for our living room. But seeing as how it's becoming more and more realistic every week that our family will be officially growing by one human, we decided it would serve a necassary and functional purpose, therefore justifying the urge. 
Such a big commitment calls for much deliberation over style versus comfort, comparing and testing various brands and sitting in so many chairs in so many different stores that it's impossible to remember what each chair feels like. We knew we wanted leather for the easy care and clean up, but quickly realized this would mean we'd never find a "match" to our leather couch. Electric was ruled out, but oh so very nice. Although wonderfully comfortable, Patrick couldn't get over the clicking noise of the Lay-z-boy's locking into place, resembling too closely to the sound of the Texas Giant climbing up it's steep incline before the plummet. And seeing as how we're very different sizes, we had skewed opinions about how each chair felt. Needless to say, it was quite the adventure, but we finally found one that fit us perfectly, and we LOVE it!
All shopped out, we concluded our evening at Posada's where they serve........wait for soft serve ice cream and sopapillas for dessert!!!! 
A night of lounging in amazing chairs AND pampered with free dessert? What more could a girl ask for?!?!?
Patrick and I have very different ways of eating our sopapillas. I like to pour a ton of honey on top and he likes to make a hole in the middle and pour the honey inside. 

How do you eat your sopapilla: honey inside or outside?


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