Monday, February 24, 2014

Feeling Springy

I love when it starts to feel like Spring outside!! 
We've had our upstairs windows open around the clock for a week now, which makes it smell oh so good inside, and on Saturday we headed out for some family Vitamin D time. 
The pup's love to run around in circles with Patrick, and being in an open field just overwhelmed them with opportunities to roam! 
Already getting a little too toasty for our taste, eventually we made it to the other side of the park, for just a little shade from the direct sun.
Following the creek trail is always very exciting, since we never know what kind of critters will be rustling around the corner........
......and there's always that possibility of getting a fresh sip of water and dragging *our bellies in the current (*our, being from the puppies point of view).
It's really amazing how strong a tree's roots can be. There's so many victims of erosion out there hanging on for dear life by the very tips of their existence. 
I give them 2-5 years, maximum, before giving way to the harsh reality they face. 
Admits those verging on life end, was new life; little sprouts of green reaching towards the sun all over the park, and for this moment, I looked to be one of them. 
On glorious days like this, it's torturous that I can't go out for a run. 
I did jog, for about 30 seconds, just so I could pretend, in hopes of it posing as a fix......and then I skipped........and then Patrick made me stop. "Cotton's probably thinking, 'What the hell is going on right now?' You're shaking that baby all up in there!"
When it was time to turn around, we headed straight for the fountains, a tradition before getting in the car.
The puppies know exactly what "Are you thirsty" means. It's cute to watch their different techniques for drinking from the fountain. 
"Ahhh.......that felt good."
Now it's nap time. 

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