Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Soccer Ball Tic-Tac-Toe: Week 24

Supposedly my uterus is not only above my belly button, but the whopping size of a soccer ball! And since it's not just my belly that's grown (I'm rockin' some serious curves in the derrière region these days........nature's way of making sure I don't tip over??), I can no longer squeeze into my makeshift maternity pants (AKA, unzipped regular pants with a rubber-band to hold the top together) for wardrobe variety anymore (and a girl needs variety), so I hit up some sales and bought a few pants to last me through the home stretch.
I haven't gone to the gym since becoming sick and it's driving me crazy!!! Lifting weights and getting some cardio in a few times a week has really been the only thing keeping me from feeling like a whale, but not only would I still probably have to carry around a fanny pack full of tissues (and I don't think anyone would want to come behind me and use the snot coated equipment), being sick while in any stage of pregnancy is a total energy zapper, making it so easy to "over-do-it".
Patrick loves to feel my belly at night, which is when Cotton seems to be most active. He still can't feel a lot of the movement, but every now and then there's a really big kick that catches his attention. A couple of nights in a row when he was waiting to feel a kick, we were both starring at my belly because I was feeling some major internal swimming and swirling, and then all of a sudden there was this obvious bulge on the right side of my abdomen. Super weird feeling.
Sometimes, when I'm getting the ol' torso rubbed down with lotion, we play a quick game of tic-tac-toe with the excess.  
We talk a lot about names, but still can't completely agree. I joke that if we were parents in the NICU, we'd be the couple with the no-name baby for weeks. I heard on the radio there was this woman who visited Mexico and loved it so much, she named her baby "Taqueria", because she saw that everywhere in Mexico and thought it sounded cool, completely oblivious to what it meant. First of all, you don't have to go to Mexico to see "Taqueria" around every corner, you can just come to east Plano. Second of all, she named her baby "Taco Shop". Wow. If Patrick and I agree on anything, it's that Cotton's name definitely wont be "Taco Shop". 
I made a mobile of rainbows and rainclouds (I'll post a how-to with full pictures next week), but don't want to hang it until we get a crib in the room.
Since I was born a nester, I'm really anxious to get a crib and finish the nursery ASAP!! 


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