Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Have a Problem

Hi, my name is Kayla and I have a problem. 
It's called C.A.D.D., crafting attention deficit disorder.
The fact that I'm feeling a lot of pressure from the 4 parties I'm helping plan (that will all be happening within the next 1-2 months), isn't making my disorder any more manageable. Each party is adding a crafting project or two on to my already pending list and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. My biggest obstacle is getting excited about starting one, then jumping on to another one when that particular project gets too challenging or scary, leaving the house and my mind's to-do list a complete mess.
I'd like to say the placental shunting is a strong contributor, but let's face it, I've done this same crap my entire life and now it's only amplified. The pregnancy brain has, however, really affected my short term when I ruined my classic Coca-Cola pants by leaning up against blue paint that I JUST finished brushing, like a complete dummy.
Here's to hoping I finish everything by their deadlines and stay sane in the process, especially when what I REALLY want to do lately is lay in bed with my feet propped up watching Netflix while eating cheesecake!! Wish me luck!


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