Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's What She Said

Sumo, we can see your eyes!!!!
     If you're a female getting a massage from a male in a professional setting, what are the  politically correct terms for direction of technique? I needed to squeeze in my monthly massage yesterday and called last minute, of course, to make an appointment. I took the only spot they had left, which left me with a male masseuse. He did a great job, but I was biting my tongue any time I thought about giving him direction for fear that everything I said might come out as a "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" statement. When he asked me about the application of pressure, I was going to say, "I like it firm". . . . . that's what she said. . . . . so instead I just said "It's okay", because I really couldn't say "Do it harder". . . . . . since that's what she said. . . . When he found my problem area, I wanted to let him know, so as professional as I am, I said, "You hit the money spot right there". . . . . .that one's a little on the fence. I think in the future I may just need to stick with female to female action.
     Patrick got a little bump in his chump last week. He's the new and improved team leader at his work. Go Patty, Go Patty, Go GO Go Patty. You're awesome, I know it. You're awesome, you show it!!!!! Speaking of work, they begged, pleaded, and suckered me in to coming to help for a few hours on my only day off yesterday. How weak am I? That makes 6 days in a row to be at the hospital. What a sad pitiful story, huh? I figured one should never turn down time-and-a-half-call-back+nightshift differential+weekend differential pay when they are headed to a mini-vacation in less than a week and are in dire need of a new computer.
Stinky, you look so dark and shiny!!
     We donned it makeover day in the Carruth residence, so Callie and Sumo got a spa treatment; deodorizing bath, heartworm treated, flea and tick treated, haircut and blow-dry! What a chore. They look like spring chickens, if chickens were covered with hair and had 4 legs! I can't get over how cute and perky they both look. It knocked about 7 dog years off their appearance. "Look Maw, no more dingle-berries!" Hopefully this will lighten their chances of coming home next week covered in mats and stickers from running around in the country fields at Grannie's and maybe not be so hot when we go for our walks. Now I've just got to find a time to pin down Patrick and Lucie to groom them!
     So since I had to go in to work, Patrick and I decided to go for an old married couple dinner, which means we ate dinner at 4:30pm on a Saturday night. We went to a place called Burger Girl and had the most amazing appetizer of waffle fries with blue cheese and gorgaonzola cheese sauce! Then we sunk our teeth into the greasiest sandwich/hamburgers, me with loaded french fries, and Patrick with sweet potato french fries. Our plate overflow-eth with MORE FRIES! It's a must to finish a hot afternoon date with Red Mango, so we drove by with expectations of me running in while Patrick kept driving (never any parking in the village on a Saturday night), but by an amazing run of luck, we got front row parking! Maybe it's because our date took place when all other couples less than 90 years old were still at home getting ready?!?
All the restaurant walls were decorated with casual pictures of famous people eating hamburgers, so we went ahead and took ours, to save for when we are famous someday. How do you like my classic stylin' tie die? I made it myself.

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