Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm A Good Loser....Sometimes

     No one likes to lose a bet. There are those who don't mind or don't care, but it's never a like-able thing. But the other day I lost a bet to my husband and was actually happy about it. Scratch the losing part; I was happy for what the bet meant.
     I was running around like a mad woman, as always, attempting to get ready for work in the unorganized crunch of time I left myself. There's never enough time! Sometimes Most of the time I rely on Patrick to help me. Here's me, "I've lost something! I don't have time to make my lunch. Can you make my coffee? Will you throw a pizza in the oven? I can't find a pair of matching socks! Can you tie my shoes while I finish eating my dinner?" (That very last one was a joke, but I'm sure Patrick wouldn't be surprised if I actually asked him that one day.) My manager often compliments me on my delegating abilities.
     I was doing just that one evening last week while I was jumping out of the shower and asked Patrick to turn the oven on (so I could toast the bread to my subway sandwich he had bought me earlier that day while I was sleeping).
     "I already did," he replied.
     "You already did what?" as I was towel drying and picking out my clothes at the same time.
     "I already turned the oven on."
     "Oh ok, well will you put my sandwich in there so it can be toasted when I finish getting ready?"
     "I already did."
     "You already did? No you didn't. I didn't ask you to. How did you know I wanted my bread toasted? What if I didn't want my bread toasted?" I smiled because I knew the answer to this. I ALWAYS like my bread toasted. Even if I don't originally think of it, I'd never turn down crunchy toasted bread. It is simply the best.
     "You wanna bet?" He was still standing in the bathroom and proceeded to sit down on the toilet, with the lid closed. "I'm not going anywhere until you go check." He knew what I was thinking. I was thinking he may run into the kitchen, turn the oven on and put my sandwich in while I was blow-drying my hair just so he could by sly.
     So I did what any good doubting wife would do and made the bet. What's the worse that could happen? Either way, I still got toasted bread.
     Now I know what you're thinking. . . . is there a point to this ridiculous story? "Why yes Sir Watson, there is." It's okay to lose a bet as long as it's still a win win situation. I'm so happy I married a man that pays enough attention to me to know how I like my sandwiches, can predict what I'm going to ask him to do and just does it, and continues to love everything about me even through all my glitches.

Happy Baby Shower Jess! Love you!

P.S. What kind of nerd buys clear wrapping paper by accident (under the impression that it was silver) for a last minute gift? Oh yeah, that would be me. It's a good thing I freakishly stash, under the bed, every scrap of wrapping and stuffing supplies I ever come across for emergencies such as this. I turned this decorative tissue paper inside-out and taped it together to make it larger like wrapping paper and then covered it with the stupid CLEAR wrapping paper so it wouldn't tear. I had to disguise the loose item on top with extra ribbon, since I had originally planned for it to be covered with solid paper! I don't think it turned out too shabby.
P.S.S. I got a compliment on my owl tattoo from a stranger today. She said it was pretty and then asked me if it hurt. Not any more it doesn't. I love getting compliments, especially on my tat. Next time you see me, pay it some kind words and I might even be compelled to make out with you!

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