Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Wal-Lah!

     This left over-queen doesn't like to be wasteful. I try to find a way to eat everything we buy. If we buy something new and don't like it, we don't throw it away; we save it until I can figure out a creative way to sneak it into something and disguise it as tasty.
     A couple of months ago I was trying to be adventurous with my salad dressing list. It's easy to get boring with dressing, and finding ways to keep things upbeat is a must for me. Venturing out to unknown territory with one's tastebuds can be both scary and exciting. This time it was just a bit dissapointing. The Ginger Seasame wasn't all I dreamed of and more, but I saved it, trusting a light bulb would eventually flicker with a idea on how to utilize it.  . . . . . . until now.
     I recently discovered the perfect soultion! Stir fry seasoning. Those crazy orientals use ginger and seasame in everything don't they? So I made a concoction of fresh chopped broccoli, carrot chips, chicken breast, minced garlic, soy sauce and Ginger Seasame Salad Dressing (just some things I had lerking in the cracks of the refrigerator). I cheated and put some "semi-fresh" refigerated egg rolls from Walmart on broil in the oven to crisp them up, and Wal-Lah, american authentic oriental at home! It was almost perfect; I only wished I had some mushrooms, fried rice, chow-mein, eggdrop soup with crunchies, cheese wontons, and pork dumplings to pair with it, which is probably why we usually go to a buffett!
     My new salad dressing addiction is homemade from Oliver's, a restuarant down the Tollway that several people I work with order from often. I always get someone to sneak an extra side of the Sweet Maple Syrup Vinagarrette in the with the order so I can use it on my salads. It rocks louder than pop rocks. What's your favorite salad dressing (If you say Ranch, I may shoot myself.)?

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