Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pea-Brained and Big-Eyed

     How many user-names and passwords does one person really need? I have about 10,237.5. (Just kidding, but sometimes that's how it feels.) That is ridiculous. Expanding my memory for actual knowledge is one thing, but having to remember all of that technical crap is completely unnecessary. I've seen small advanced attempts lately in the internet world to connect certain programs to make signing in to multiple accounts easier, but they are still divided between Yahoo and Google. Then you have to remember which sites are connected to which. The best program I've found so far is at, which manages all your financial accounts for you. It's actually pretty cool, and even sends you emails when you have charges made, gone over budget on something, and lets you know when a payment is due. I wish I was smart enough to make one mother-board program that grants me access to all my accounts, and when I sign in, it creates a dashboard for me like blogger, so I can get to anything with the same user name and password. Please tell me this system is out there and I just don't know about it. If so, someone needs to spill the beans and let me in on the secret, because I am getting sick and tired of getting locked out and resetting stuff because my pea-brain can't remember 10,000 different accounts.

My "berry yummy" breakfast. I used a saucer plate
so it would look full! Strawberries, blackberries,
spoon of nutella, and a fiber one whole grain version
of cinnamon toast crunch.

     I've had my Driod since last October and just now figured out how to connect it to the USB and transfer all the pictures and videos! It's so much faster and reliable then the Wi-Fi transfer of information! YAY!
     Update: The meatloaf was amazing as always. The cauliflower "moch mashed potatoes" were very good; the best part being that they definitely didn't taste like cauliflower, the okay part being that you could tell they weren't quite potatoes. But I do think they are a pretty decent way to sneak in an extra serving of veggies instead of pure starch. When Patrick finishes his plate and looks to mine and asks me if he can have the rest of it. . . . . . . . that's when I know it's a winning dish. (And he did, in case you were wondering.) He always laughs at me and asks why I put way more food on my plate than I can eat. First of all, my eyes are way bigger than my stomach, and it's a good thing too, becuase if my stomach was as big as my eyes I would be as big as a house. But the truth is, when I'm hungry and the meal's aroma fills my nostrils, I just love the way a huge-filled-out-to-the-edge plate looks setting in front of me. (And I joke that I do it on purpose so he doesn't actually have to go to the kitchen for his seconds.)

Speaking of Yikes, I found these in our village!
I guess they're KINDA cute. . . . . .

     You know that commercial with the cute Rachel Bilson girl driving down Highway 1 in California that gets caught up in a traffic jam and trots out of her car to the ice-cream truck for a Magnum? Well, as dirty as it sounds, I gave in and bought some: double caramel dark chocolate with vanilla ice-cream, and I've decided Magnum might be an appropriate name for it because it almost gave me an orgasm in my mouth. It was big enough to share too, so the Magnum and I had a three way with the hubby, which made me feel a little less guilty for consuming a single ice-cream containing 350 calories!!! Yikes.


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