Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Fresh: Weekly Wal-Lah

     It's a flavor infusion mania of fresh herbs with the right blend of spicy, tangy, savory and sweet for an amazing dinner . . . . . Ready, set, go. . . .Get your taste buds ready!

Dish #1 Smoky and Savory Potato Salad:    I started off halving the bag of mini red potatoes and throwing them in a pot of boiling water with a bit of sea salt. While the potatoes were cooking, I threw some diced thick hickory smoked bacon in the skillet with diced onion and minced garlic, cooking the mixture until bacon is crisp. I drained the potatoes when moderately tender (take them out before the point of falling apart), added some graded parmesan, a handful of sunflower seeds, chopped fresh dill weed, fresh coarse ground black pepper, "garlic and herb no salt seasoning", and the cooked bacon mixture. Then I added the special the sauce, which consisted of about 1 cup of Mayo, 1 Tbs of Splenda, 1 Tbs Vinegar. ***Hint: do not stir until EVERYTHING is added or your potatoes will fall apart and you'll have mashed potatoes***

Before adding the top crust, the more crust the better!
Dish #2  Tangy and Spicy Tomato Pie:   The oven was preheated to 350F, I sprayed my pie dish with a little Pam Butter Flavor, added my refrigerated Pillsbury Pie crust and unnecessarily made it pretty around the edges. I then pulverized carrots and onion 2:1 proportions and laid it down as the first layer of the pie. Next I pulverized fresh Italian parsley, basil leaves, and about 4 pickled hot chili peppers all together and laid it down as the next pie layer. I then graded a block of pepper jack cheese placed it down as the next layer, saving about 1/4 of it to the side for later. I sprinkled a layer of capers on top of the cheese and placed sliced green tomatillos, roma tomatoes, and medium firm red tomatoes (all thinly sliced, 1 complete layer of each type of tomato= about 2 of each kind). I seasoned the top with celery salt and garlic power to taste, added the remaining grated pepper jack cheese and sliced another pie crust in strips to lay on top for my lazy lattice work. A quick spray of butter Pam on top of the crust and it's ready to cook in the oven on the top shelf until crust is golden brown and flaky.  ***Hint- to rewarm the left overs, place slice on baking sheet in on botton rack with oven on broil for few minutes and it will be as crispy at the first day you cooked it!***
If you make fun of my lazy lattice work, I'll come find you.  :)
Dish #3   Hearty and Sweet Steak Salad:  I placed some "organic spring arugula and spinach mix" and halved yellow grape tomatoes in a bowl. Then I mixed Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive oil 1:2 in a shake-able 4oz container, added about 1 Tbs of brown sugar and mixed the heck out of it. I drizzled the home-made dressing on the salad and topped it all off with sliced thin Rib-eye steak. (My wonderful husband made the steak: seasoned with Paprika and Montreal Steak seasoning, seared for 30sec on each side in a cast iron skillet that was pre-heated in the oven to 500F, then placed back in the oven --steak in skillet-- and cooked for 1 minute each side of steak, which makes for a perfect tender medium rare steak.)

     Follow my farily vague instructions and you can have a Wal-Lah, all smiles dinner moment, just we did! Good luck!

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