Monday, August 1, 2011

Theme Parked Life

     You know that feeling that happens when you're on a roller coaster and it plummets down with gravity, causing a flipping sensation in the in the pit of your stomach? I live for that feeling. I like fast elevators for that very reason and if airplanes would grow some balls to make it happen, I would consider changing my career to become a pilot. Actually come to think of it, I bet Air Force jets do that, I was only limiting my imagination to commercial flights! In high school, I used to love when I got to drive my Mother's suburban to school because there was a residential road in town that stooped in a way, that if I drove over it fast enough, it created that thrilling sensation (Mother, please forgive me if you didn't already know about that! *kiss kiss*).

"Life's a roller coaster. Just gotta ride it!"
     I think our lives mimic the course of a rollercoaster, except when you are plummeting down in life, it's not as fun. Whether its emotional or physical, there's bound to be some hills, summits, and valleys along the way. The only thought about a valley I take comfort in, is knowing that it will make the summit that much sweeter. Just like in a rollercoaster, the momentum of the downhill, gives you the umph to climb your way back to the top. It helps develop the mental strength and endurance to conquer life. And when the day arrives that you reach the peak, look around, take a breath; glance back at what you've surpassed and allow yourself to absorb the beauty of the view. 
Just like tribulations and highs in life, roller coasters come in all different sizes, lengths, and forms.
     It's an all walks of life pattern that Patrick and I jokingly refer to as "Happy, Happy, Happy, Sad".
Hold on to your wigs, this one's a doozy!
     Last year we found ourselves hanging on for dear life. We had a mortgage and Patrick couldn't find a job; I was working out extra hard to prepare for our trip to the mountains, and when a much needed opportunity arose for me to make extra money, I seized it. Then suddenly, with an already planned vacation within reach, I broke my foot; not only further inhibiting our financial state, but also limiting my mobility with the worst timing imaginable.  But with the support of our close family and friends, finding strength in each other, and many prayers later, we overcame the challenge and now have an unforgettable experience to help us fully appreciate what we have today.
Ever feel like this?
Now that's what I call team work!
     We watched a true story featuring a little terrier dog that was blissfully happy, leaping off the pier and swimming in the ocean to fetch the coconuts his owner tossed to sea for his daily exercise fun. Things couldn't have been better, until one day the pair didn't make it to the dock until late afternoon (a time that the sharks knew as scrap dinner time from the fish boats), and a shark attacked him, tearing through his lungs with ruthless teeth, clenching down and dragging him below water. The owner risked his life diving in to save the 14lb canine; with blood and guts everywhere, looking death in the face, he fought for life and now lives as a legend of true heroism to his owner.
     Remind yourself, when another valley inevitably works it's way into your life, that just like with a roller-coaster, brilliant sublimity is on it's way.

     I'm pep-talking my way through these hive break outs. . . . . What? . . . . . .You think I'm being dramatic? . . . . . . Maybe so, but after working 4 stressful days in a row, watching a patient's parents deal with an extremely strenuous time in their life, having withdrawals from my husband after spending so many days with him, and dealing with this new mystery problem in my life . . . . . . perception is everything. Now I need want to go to Six Flags!

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