Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gone Like a Fart in the Wind

Take note to the Alphapha
These may look like regular chocolate chip cookies, but they're
not. They have a special secret ingredient, it's call LOVE,
and they are some of the best CCC's in the world.

     Waco weekends are always jam packed with lists of things to do and people to see. Friday I baked cookies for my dad's birthday celebration, and before heading to the Big W, ended up receiving a birthday card for myself by a friend that thought we were going to celebrate MY birthday. Harmless misunderstandings are so funny, and it's always nice to get a card! It put a big smile on my face for sure.
     Saturday morning I peeled my almost lifeless body off my in-law's guest mattress to go for a morning hike at Waco's best kept secret, Cameron Park, before the summer sun started blazing it's death rays into the earth. Cousin Allison kept me company, and since it was her first time to hit the trails EVER, I made sure she got a friendly butt-kickin' worthy welcome. The view of the river and tree covered hills never gets old to me; just one more thing to distract my mind from my burning muscles.

View from Lover's Leap at Cameron Park

I've always loved the Bamboo Forest, but it's dying from the drought. So sad.

     After picking Patrick up from his fantasy football draft party, we went to my parents house to celebrate my Father's twelfth 39th birthday with lots of homemade Mexican food, cookies, chocolate meringue pie, and most importantly Patron margaritas. A couple of good friends also dropped by for a little catching up and before we could blink our eyes, it was time for church, therefore once again finding ourselves faced with rising from slumber sooner than our eyes were wanting to permit.

My Memma is an expert Meringue maker if you can't tell.


How cool is this vintage dress my mom gave me?!?! It was hers
when she was my age and my Memma saved it all these years!
Now I've got "The eye of the tiger!!!"

     The hubster and I spent Sunday night right with our feet tangled on our own lumpy couch, watching a real tear jerker, Toy Story 3, while eating frozen pizza and left over cookies. It seems like the weekend was gone before it arrived, just like birthdays, "Gone like a fart in the wind." Who can tell me what movie that quote was from?

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