Thursday, August 25, 2011

Erecting with Joy!

Wet Pavement??? What's that?
      The good Lord delivers in mysterious ways and at curious times, but delivers He does! Last night as our capabilities, patience, and emotions were put to the test at work, we all kicked into gear like a well oiled machine, pushing through it with team work. While all this was happening, I started thinking of happy things, and in return began feeling pretty needy. I wanted SOMETHING nice. . . . . . .the refreshing smell and feel of rain or cold weather, a tall glass of Riesling, an early retirement. . . . . . . . For an immediate fix, our manager came to help in the middle of the night and brought chocolate. That was a good start! Then, a miracle happened. We heard thunder and lightening and soon after, it started pouring down rain! We all starred out the window with smiles and gaping faces like 10 year olds seeing snow for the first time. It became an even more amazing reality when I left work this morning and inhaled the sweet aroma. I even drove home with my window's rolled down.

My furry bundles of cuteness!
     Callie and Sumo got a nice long walk this morning, since the weather felt too good to miss. We didn't want to go back inside, but my bedtime was starting to quickly approach. The news this morning is warning to conserve as much energy as possible during peak times of the day to avoid rolling blackouts due to the extreme heat. I can't imagine good things could come of people's air conditioners becoming powerless during the hottest hours of day, so I'm counting once again on a delivery from above!

Look! The lake is erecting with joy for cloud cover and rain!


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