Friday, August 19, 2011

I Almost Pooped My Pants!

I burned this song on a CD and gave it to Patrick when we were new and lived 2 hours away from each other so he would know I was always thinking about him. This was even before we said our first "I Love Yous."  A couple of years later, he took me to one of their concerts for my birthday. This band brings back so many special and fun memories from our relationship . . . . . . .  and now we have one more to add.
 It had been a while since our last concert adventure, and when I discovered Blue October was going to be jamming at the House of Blues I almost pooped my pants! Not really, but I may have been so excited that I farted. Actually I didn't do that either, but it would have been gross hilarious if I did!
 House of Blues is the bomb diggity for several reasons. I love getting lost in the deep color schemes, the creative cluttered art, and watching the interesting people that gather there, while indulging in the delicious food, sipping on a spiked beverage, and rocking out to my favorite bands in an intimate style venue.
The only thing they could do to improve their rating in my eyes to to relocate to my side of town, and lower their prices . . . . . . but that's a little selfish of me. We only had to squeeze through the traffic of 3 wrecks to make it to downtown Dallas. And apparently HOB is now allowing the few tables and stools that occupy the general admission floor to be reserved for a fee, unadvertised, screwing the people that showed up early to run in and get a table, that would be us. Anything for some extra green, right? The panda-jerks that rented the prime real estate didn't even show up until right before the headlining band. I wanted to spit gum and their hair real bad. I never have gum when I need it!
 So I snuck into the reserved area for a little harmless excitement and was a having a grand time...until some guy ratted on me and got me kicked out. What are we, back in kindergarten?
The hottest girls in the venue!

I obviously had a fantastic time regardless, evidenced by waking up this morning wearing everything I had on last night except my shoes, including my makeup and earrings! Needless to say, I went to the dog park this morning looking like a fancy hot mess, feeling half dead, half hungover. I don't remember the last time I was so thankful the sun hadn't completely risen yet.
Jessica's shoes started out as wedges, had a malfunction, and converted to flats, all in one night!!! She's classic like that.
This little pursy went to the market, that medium pursy had roast beef, and the big momma pursy had it's owner's back screaming, "Wee Wee Wee", becuase it weight 40 pounds!! Jessica doesn't pack light for concerts!

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